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What will Echo Boomers learn from Baby Boomers?  While the terminology of Baby Boomers seems to have an identity I'm familiar with, the term Echo Boomers is something I've recently started to think about, especially since I produced a few of them myself. What is an Echo Boomer?  A child of a Baby...
I heard something on one of the morning news programs today that just made me want to chuck my coffee at the new big screen tv.  Some "knowledgeable" woman was being interviewed about the housing market and was telling the commentator that people would no longer be able to get a mortgage loan unl...
The resale value on homes with electric heat is a big problem in Montana.  People are very scared of the electric bills, especially when they hear claims of bills for a 2,000 square foot home at $300 per month or more during the winter.  About the only all electric homes that seem to do well, are...
What is an RSID and why do I have to pay that for my Yellowstone County Montana taxes? RSID stands for Rural Special Improvement District, a tax structure developed by a group of property owners, usually in a rural subdivision, for the purpose of maintaining roads, parks, water and sewer lines, f...
The West End of Billings Montana has seen a slower than average amount of buyer activity, but really not too slow considering we're just about to reach the middle of January. The area measured in today's graph is Area 8, most of which is South of Grand Avenue and West of the downtown area.  20 ho...
My East Slope Internet Guy Is Really Good, Small Town Service. Tonight I was having a little internet connection trouble so I gave my internet provider a call, it's after 6pm. The wife of this family team always answers the phone with the sweetest voice, you'd think she had a fresh batch of cooki...
How about we get the word out to the Billings Montana and surrounding areas about a Mascot Naming contest for the new City Of Billings Energy Star program! A new public information campaign named "Blue Skies Green Pockets" has been launched after more than a year of planning between the City of B...
 I know it's early, but already in Billings Montana we're having a quilt show at the local Montana State University Billings Library.  This all started when one of the special library workers wanted to brighten up the dreary gray winter with beautiful colorful quilts.  It just seemed like a good ...
How far is it to Lewistown?  110 miles or 2 hours (if you stop in Harlowtown at the burger joint). I'm doing a little experiment to find out if the distance to a destination is explained in minutes (hours) or miles.  Why?  Sometimes I wonder if this measurement is gender determined, country lingo...
Water is really, really important (and not just in Montana), but some people think it either comes to you in a ditch or comes outta the ground via a well, and well, there you are!  I know I'm leaving out the municipal water systems, often supplied by rivers and reservoirs, but I'm talking country...

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