billings montana: Billings Heights Homes For Sale Activity for today, 12/6/2011 - 12/06/11 10:04 AM
I have some clients who are interested in the Billings Heights Real Estate Market Activity, so while doing my search I thought it would be some helpful information to share.
The market areas I searched in Billings Montana for this report include area 1, West of Main Street and area 2, East of Main Street.
196 unsold homes on the market 22 of these homes have accepted contracts that are pending to close 25 of these homes have accepted contracts that are contingent on the successful outcome of contract details such as home inspections and other investigations The Activity Index for … (0 comments)

billings montana: Superintendent Needed To Go, So Our Teachers Wouldn't Retire To Uruguay - 10/12/11 12:58 AM
This past summer during my gym exercise, I overheard many local teachers discussing their plans to pull up roots and move to Uruguay in South America.  Sounded like an interesting migration; cheaper cost of living, practically free health care (touted to be better than USA) and just a relief from the "nightmare in School District 2".
Like many school systems around the country, the largest one in Montana, School District 2 in Billings, is facing budget troubles.  The leader of any school district, legislative district, State or Country can have a hard time keeping their job in a tough economy. 
The … (6 comments)

billings montana: A Real Birds Eye View of the Mighty Yellowstone River - 09/09/11 02:50 PM
I took this picture of a real bird (house)'s eye view of the Yellowstone River from a log home for sale just east of Billings Montana.  The road is named Bald Eagle Road and while we were viewing this log home listing, right on cue, a Bald Eagle flew right in front of us on it's way to fish in the Yellowstone.

I think it's only fair to mention that this is not riverfront property, there is a railroad track down next to the river.  However, this view is really not to hard to take, lots of wildlife all day … (5 comments)

billings montana: Rocky Mountain Sewing and Craft Festival Billings Montana Sept 29,30 and Oct 1 - 09/08/11 09:56 AM
The Yellowstone County Extension Service helps to organize a 3 day event for Sewing and Crafty people who love to see and learn new things.
Quilting, Serging, Machine and Hand Embroidery, Jewelry Making and garment construction; all under one roof!
You get to hang out with like minded people!  You get to try skills you already have and learn a few new ones!
The cost is so affordable, I don't know how they do this, except for the great support of sponsors and teachers!
You can click this link to take you to our Yellowstone County Website onto the Extension Service … (4 comments)

billings montana: Chivalry Still Obvious In Billings Montana - 07/20/11 11:59 AM
Chivalry still obvious in Billings Montana.
Just driving up on top of the Rimrocks (high bench above the Yellowstone Valley) when low and behold I see a stranded motorist.  The strandies were two women and right behind them was parked a white dodge pickup, and I'm assuming that the nice looking bald headed fella with the tire iron in his hand stopped to help these ladies with a mechanical ailment!
I guess it just did my heart a little good to drive by and see this kind of helpful thing going on.  We have our a####le drivers around here too, and … (3 comments)

billings montana: Montana Is #7 on America's Best Affordable Places 2011 - 06/07/11 11:14 AM
Yellowstone County, Number 7 of Yahoo's America's Best Affordable Places, 2011!  I didn't realize we had it this good around here!  Maybe that's why I never want to leave!
I'm not sure how this information is analyzed, but I do think that spreading the word about our town, you know, bragging a bit, is a really good thing.  We've had a bit of a hard winter and spring, more rain that we're used to, but all an all, we have it pretty good around here.
Our unemployment rate is all the way up to 6.3%, which is pretty high for us, … (5 comments)

billings montana: I think gas prices have put the brakes on small acreage home sales! - 05/05/11 02:57 PM
I just did a bit of research of our market area, in and around Billings Montana, only to discover that we have only sold 25 properties in the last 90 days between 2 and 20 acres.  I know we're just getting use to having the snow gone, and the grass is getting greener, so what's up?
Gas prices are up.  Of the 209 current unsold homes on small acres (2-20) only 20 are under contract right now, today!  That's a very low Activity Index of 9.5%. 
I enjoy country properties the most, so this presents a bit of a challenge for … (7 comments)

billings montana: "Got Drugs?" Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet and Take Your Old Drugs To Rimrock Mall Saturday 4/30/11 - 04/29/11 12:15 PM
The Billings Police Department will host a "Drug Disposal" at Rimrock Mall for anyone who wants to clean out that medicine cabinet of unused and old prescription drugs.  It's not good to put them down the toilet or into the trash.  Once collected, the Police in cooperation with the DEA incinerate them.  The time is from 10am to 2pm, on Saturday April 30, 2011 as well as 30 other sites all over the State.
Last year they collected almost 1,000 pounds of the stuff.  There are at least 30 other sites around the State of Montana hosting the same collection, you … (5 comments)

billings montana: Suze Orman's Advice For Home Buyers Is Hard For First Timers - 03/14/11 12:17 PM
I was watching one of the morning shows this weekend and Suze Orman was talking about her newest book on personal finance.  She had 3 major points, and the one I listened to the most was about home buying.
She said that a home buyer should only buy in this market if they have 20% down and 8 months of expenses in the bank.  This is actually nearly the case for how my family has purchased our last 3 homes, but it wasn't the case for my first home.  I also think it's a bit of a stretch for many first … (196 comments)

billings montana: Find Local Charm and Character in the College Subdivision in Billings Montana - 03/10/11 03:46 AM
The College Subdivision in Billings Montana is located between Poly and Rimrock Roads.  The streets are appropriately named Yale, Harvard and Princeton.
Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built in the 1940's and 1950's featuring traditional ranch and cottage styles.  You're likely to find period features such as galley kitchens and wood floors in most of the homes.  Attached garages were just starting to catch on during this construction period, but few had access right into the home.
The average home price range for sales for the year of 2010 in the College Sub was $164,830 with the average … (2 comments)

billings montana: Rock Slide Homeowners Insurance Coverage? Tell me more - 03/03/11 04:43 AM
One of the major landmarks of the Billings Montana landscape is the prominent rock formations called the Rims.  Years of natural erosion from the mighty Yellowstone River has carved a lovely valley for us to enjoy.
Living in the shadow of "The Rims" many homeowners enjoy views of the Yellowstone Valley, the Beartooth Mountains and the Pryor Mountains.  Unfortunately, on a very rare occasion, one of those Rimrocks will dislodge from it heights above these homes and travel dangerously down, sometimes right into someone's home. 
There is an argument about responsibility for this tragedy, some say the city of Billings has … (7 comments)

billings montana: One Full Week of writing down everything I eat - 02/04/11 09:39 AM
Just looked back in my notebook that I have sitting right beside my computer and noticed I've been pretty good at writing down everything I eat, for a full week!  Actually for almost 2 weeks! 
No, I'm not writing down what the calories are for every item, just the items.  On the recommendation of a fellow Realtor on the other side of the Mountains, in Missoula Montana, I ordered a book by Darren Hardy called "The Compound Effect, Multiplying Your Success, One Simple Step At A Time".
The particular step I'm working on is just keeping stats, just like a baseball/softball … (4 comments)

billings montana: What's my home worth? Part 1: Absorption Rate - 02/03/11 04:39 AM
What's my home worth?  How can a person make sense of the information available to make a good decision?  Imagine you call me wondering if I'd be interested in listing your home for sale, and wondered about the process;
I will ask you about your reason for moving?  job change, family status change, neighborhood interest, want to build? I will ask you how soon you'd like to move?  30 days or less, 3 months or less, 6 months or less, don't really need to move I will ask you what condition your home is in? (5) excellent, (4) pretty good, (3) … (3 comments)

billings montana: Progress of a techno slug, a stitched photo - 02/01/11 11:49 AM
I'm such a techno slug, but I just stitched a photo in Windows Live and I had no idea I had the ability to do this.  I'm pretty jacked up! 
I've been struggling with the wide angle lens issue, and just haven't like some of my inside shots.  I've been looking at a couple of blog series, one on Picasa by Craig Daniels and a blog post about Gmail by Kristal Kraft.
Somehow I thought it was a good time to find out what "The Cloud" is.  I'm still not sure what "The Cloud" is, but I  downloaded Windows Live.  Then … (4 comments)

billings montana: What Will Echo Boomers Learn From Baby Boomers? - 01/27/11 04:21 AM
What will Echo Boomers learn from Baby Boomers?  While the terminology of Baby Boomers seems to have an identity I'm familiar with, the term Echo Boomers is something I've recently started to think about, especially since I produced a few of them myself.
What is an Echo Boomer?  A child of a Baby Boomer, and the Echo Boomers are watching their parents!  What will they be learning and doing for their future?  What will we (a Baby Boomer myself) teach them about home ownership?
That you can make a lot of money, tax free, when you sell your home if you … (6 comments)

billings montana: What's Holding People Back From Checking Their Credit Score? Fear! - 01/22/11 01:23 PM
I heard something on one of the morning news programs today that just made me want to chuck my coffee at the new big screen tv. 
Some "knowledgeable" woman was being interviewed about the housing market and was telling the commentator that people would no longer be able to get a mortgage loan unless they had 6 months of monthly payments and utility bills in the bank (cash reserves), after they paid their down payment and closing costs.  WHAT?
I haven't even heard of this before, and maybe I heard it wrong, but that's what I heard, and I was listening.

billings montana: Name the mascot for blue skies green pockets, kids 10 to 15 years old - 01/11/11 11:34 AM
How about we get the word out to the Billings Montana and surrounding areas about a Mascot Naming contest for the new City Of Billings Energy Star program!
A new public information campaign named "Blue Skies Green Pockets" has been launched after more than a year of planning between the City of Billings and Montana State University Billings.  A $53,000 grant has been awarded to the collaboration with a target of marketing energy star information to our local public.
The website is fabulous and deserves a look around.  I ran across a page that asks for middle school kids, aged 10 … (3 comments)

billings montana: Let The Quilt Shows Begin - 01/09/11 01:26 PM
 I know it's early, but already in Billings Montana we're having a quilt show at the local Montana State University Billings Library.  This all started when one of the special library workers wanted to brighten up the dreary gray winter with beautiful colorful quilts.  It just seemed like a good idea to hang them in the library so that students and the general public could enjoy them.
The show opens this Wednesday and lasts until the end of February, during regular hours of the library operation, which includes every day of the week.  The address is 1500 University Drive.

I've … (11 comments)

billings montana: Hold On Baby, it's slippery out there! - 11/19/10 03:45 AM
Hold on Baby, it's slippery out there!
It's just after 9am and I finally made it to the coffee shop, took me over an hour!  The first slick day on our roads is always a "re-learning" experience, for everybody!  Even if I'm careful, and don't go too fast (or too slow), I'm always way worried about the other guy who's driving somewhere in my space.
I took my car to the shop, Brown's Auto (famous around here) for a scheduled oil change.  My husband has the day off so he can pick me up and we can hang around while the … (3 comments)

billings montana: I just don't think I would allow my buyer client to bring her big poodle into someone else's house. - 10/28/10 02:48 PM
Yesterday as I was showing homes to a buyer client, I was followed by another agent who was bringing her buyer client through WITH HER BLACK POODLE ON A LEASH!  In Billings Montana, this is very unusual!

I was pretty amazed!  It's not like the dog was a working seeing eye dog.  It really got me thinking, does this happen very often? 
Should I be warning my sellers to be ware of buyer's who bring their dogs to showings? 
Should I post, NO DOG SHOWINGS in the private remarks on the mls?
In some families, does the dog make … (13 comments)

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