market news: If Ever the Mistake of Overpricing Was Obvious, It Sure Is NOW! - 10/13/10 09:31 AM
I've heard, and understood for years that when a home starts out overpriced, it usually either doesn't sell, or it sells for less than what it would have sold for, if priced right to begin with.
Did I loose anyone there?
This was the REALTOR TALK on our office tour to various homes today.  Our local real estate market in Billings Montana is just really odd right now. 
only a little over 40% of listed homes sell open house traffic is pretty slim, doesn't seem to be bringing out real buyers, just tire kickers homes that have been on the market … (10 comments)

market news: Apples to Apples Instead of a Mixed Up Bag Of Fruit - 06/06/10 05:52 AM
Apples to apples, instead of a mixed up bag of fruit! 
I searched my MLS in my local area of Billings Montana, along with it's close bedroom communities of Laurel, Park City, Shepherd, Huntley, Worden and Ballentine to just see what a plain old 3 bedroom house is worth today, compared to the last few years.  I know people have this perseption of a decrease in value, (the national news will scare the heck out of ya) but really has much changed?  You be the judge.

Market for 3 Bed Home in Billings Montana June 2010 … (1 comments)

market news: Snapshot of Home Sales for one 30 day period over the last 5 years in Billings Montana - 04/18/10 09:52 AM
Last spring home sale closings in Billings Montana were about down about 40 homes from the previous 3 years for the period of April 15 to May 15.  I just wanted to take a look at the last 5 years volume for one 30 day period.  This is data sampling just to help folks get a feel for what's happened in the recent past.
We have an uptick in volume of "under contract" homes right now.  Some would attribute this to both the first time home buyer's tax credit and the tax credit of $6,500 for those who have a 5 … (0 comments)

market news: Things are picking up in the housing market in the Billings Heights, Area 1 of Billings, Montana - 03/26/10 09:35 AM
The housing market in the Billings Heights Area 1 neighborhood of Billings Montana has seen a great improvement over the past 30 days after a long cold winter.
There are currently 149 homes for sale in Area 1, and of those homes for sale, 42 of them have an accepted contract on them. 
Over the past 90 days, only 35 homes in this area were sold, that was a long winter with a whole lot of snow on the ground!

Since the weather has nearly melted all the snow, we have a bit of spring fever here in the housing … (0 comments)

market news: Worden Montana Market News - 04/26/09 01:05 PM
Worden is a small town east of Billings Montana with a great homesteader history.  Located on the "Project", Worden began it's wonderfull Real Estate adventure with the development of an irrigation project with water from the Yellowstone River.
Homes in this area vary from residential lots right in the town of Worden, to small and large acreages dotted amoungst the farms and ranch land surrounding the town.
Right now, the area of Worden has 6 active listings to choose from.  Several which are very affordable and located right in town.  A few small acreage country homes are also available.  The average … (0 comments)

market news: Billings Heights, West of Main Street Market News - 01/28/09 01:10 PM
Let's get local!
Sometimes the National News just makes you wonder.  What should I believe?  Are homes still selling?  What about my neighborhood?
Here are a few facts that may help you.
In the last 90 days, 11 homes in Area 1 have sold in less than 30 days.
That's good.  These homes were priced to sell and the buyers thought so too.
A few of those that sold are listed along with the percentage of listed price compared to sold price:
4 Prince of Wales   95% 4 Prince Albert    100% 25 Heather Drive    99% 1421 Lake Elmo Drive  100% 1407 … (0 comments)

market news: Are We OK Here In Billings Montana? Or Are We Just Late To The Party? - 12/31/08 08:14 AM
We're Flat, But Not Sinking.  Is this all there is or are we just behind the curve?
Our peak number of closed sales occurred in 2006, like a lot of other places.  Now we're down in total number of single family home sales by about 20% but our absorbtion rate is still under 6 months.  I could of taken this right out of our latest issue of Realtor Magazine our number are so close.
Our lenders are finally smiling, they have about 10 to 1 refi folders they're juggling compared to home sales.  I'm not sure what this means except that … (5 comments)

market news: Hello from Montana - 11/12/08 10:51 AM
I have been reading your wonderful blogs for about a month now, I'm impressed!  I have been listening and watching the video tutorials, hoping the information will seep into my brain.
I live and work in South Central Montana in a place we like to call River City, Billings.  I know, lots of city's have a river, have you ever heard of the Yellowstone? 
I am interested in sharing a bit about our market here, which so far hasn't been in the tank, thank goodness, but we have decreased in number of sales.  Our supply of single family residences right now … (15 comments)

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