montana: How Do You Talk To Your Customer/Clients about your Real Estate Relationship Disclosure Form and Not Scare the pants off of them? - 09/21/11 11:21 AM
I follow Nina's blog and she asked a very good question about agency disclosure upon meeting with people to talk about real estate listing and sales.
She was bringing to light that the agency disclosure, from some agents, is not as forthcoming to people as it should be, either delayed or not mentioned at all. 
I think that many agents struggle with the best way to bring this subject up to their clients, and may be hesitant to scare people away by asking them to sign a disclosure paper, our form is 2 pages long!
In our state of Montana, must … (5 comments)

montana: Montana Hay Bale Trail, September 11, 2011 - 09/09/11 04:08 AM
Montana Hay Bale Trail Hobson, Montana, September 11, 2011
In Montana we have a way of just hanging out with the neighbors, especially on days when the neighbors clown around.  That will be happening again this next Sunday just a hundred miles or so north of me in the Hobson-Utica area.  We will be remembering the 10 year anniversary of a horrible event with the celebration of community spirit!  Our towers are made of hay.
One of my favorite things to do in my part of the country, is to hit the highway and go see all the small town fun … (0 comments)

montana: How's the summer real estate market in Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, Ballantine and Pompey's Pillar? - 08/29/11 09:11 AM
We've sold 17 homes in the past 90 days, and that's not too shabby!  The price range for the home sales seems to be under $200,000 with only 4 selling over this price.
This is the slowest sales summer in the past 5 years, pretty much in step with the rest of the country (even though living east of Billings is always a bright spot to me!)

Just take this little bit of info to help you see what buyer's are doing;
The average listed price of homes with and without acreage in the Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, Ballantine and Pompey's … (2 comments)

montana: You Could Be A Montana Huckleberry Picker if ... - 08/10/11 08:32 AM
You won't spend $60 a gallon to buy them, but you'll spend $350 a gallon to go and pick them yourself You will drive to your favorite spot, even if the road is bad and under construction and it takes you 4 hours on a windy, narrow, on the edge of a cliff road You pack enough food for 10 days for 10 people, even if there's only 4 of you You consider making that 4 hour trip back to town because you're running low on beer You consider bug spray brands that work, and ditch the ones that don't, who … (6 comments)

montana: I have a bad case of blog block, is there a pill for that? - 08/09/11 03:19 PM
It's not that I don't care, or that I'm too busy, I've just had a case of constipation of the blog.
Real Estate has kinda been in the dumps for me around here, I kept thinking we were a bit immune and somewhat protected, but good listings are hard to come by, and good buyers are having 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts about buying.  Most of my great clients have recently refi'd and they are staying put, which means my sphere is happy right where they are, for now.
I have been quilting though, got a brand spankin new super duper … (6 comments)

montana: First Big Camping Out Weekend Looks To Be On Hold! - 05/25/11 05:16 AM
First Big Camping Out Weekend Looks To Be On Hold!
This past week has been a wet one, so wet in fact that roads are closed all over Montana from swollen creeks, streams and rivers.  Lots of "I've never seen water in "Dry Creek" before, and I've been here 30 years!
Flat land that has just a minimal slope, is suffering from flooding as well, septic drainfields are flowing backwards, into homes, and basements are wet, if not flooded, just from the rain.
How much rain?  Over 6 inches for the month of May, and our yearly average is about 15 … (9 comments)

montana: The Possibility of Flooding Makes A Lot of Montanan's a little nervous this year - 05/03/11 03:02 PM
We know the winter's been more snowy than the past 10 to 15 years, and the mountains have lots of snow.  All that snow melts, and flows down either to the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf Coast.  We watch the down river states and cringe at the amount of water they're dealing with this year.  Today a levy was even blasted open to protect the larger population center along the Missouri, at the cost of the smaller population and farm land. 
There's a big meeting tonight in the Huntley Montana area to discuss how to purchase flood insurance, and what happens … (3 comments)

montana: If I Live In Montana, Do I Have To Own A Pickup Truck? - 05/01/11 05:00 AM
If I Live In Montana, Do I Have To Own A Pickup Truck?Great question from one of my phone calls last week.Well, in a short answer NO, but it helps!  If you don’t own a pickup truck, it helps to know someone who does, and everybody knows someone who owns a pickup truck, even if you’re only here for 5 minutes.Has your husband ever made a home buying choice based on whether or not his pickup will fit in the garage?  This happened to me 3 times.  We actually had to try it out before we purchased, cause if you can’t … (4 comments)

montana: Do you say minutes or miles? - 01/08/11 06:53 AM
How far is it to Lewistown?  110 miles or 2 hours (if you stop in Harlowtown at the burger joint).
I'm doing a little experiment to find out if the distance to a destination is explained in minutes (hours) or miles.  Why?  Sometimes I wonder if this measurement is gender determined, country lingo or what?  Do people who live in big cities measure miles or time?  I'm just curious.
When I "go to town" it only takes me 20 minutes to get downtown and about 30 minutes to get to the west-end, I have no idea how many miles it is???

montana: Billings Heights West of Main Real Estate Market Less Active During This Holiday Season - 12/12/10 04:19 AM
The Billings Montana Heights, West of Main Street Real Estate market is less active during the Holiday Season, but is this any different than any other year?  Well, not really if you take into account that we've had the 2nd snowiest November on record, and not much of that snow has melted!
Are there still people out there hunting for homes?  You bet, in fact, 16% of the homes for sale are under contract right now, some are pending and some are contingent. This Activity Index is much more favorable to buyers where an Activity Index above 25% is much more … (1 comments)

montana: Yellowstone County has one of the lowest average indoor radon levels in the State of Montana - 11/09/10 02:56 AM
Yellowstone County has one of the lowest average indoor radon levels in the State of Montana, but does that get you off the hook?
No or Know?  Do you have any idea what the radon level is in your indoor living space?  Do you know your radon level?  Do you care?  Have you lived in your home so long that you figure whatever?  It hasn't bothered me yet?
A good reason to care about your indoor air radon levels?  How about lung cancer?  I've had 3 close family members die of lung cancer, all of them smoked, even though one of … (4 comments)

montana: How's the Market? My answer-What do you think? - 09/11/10 08:00 AM
I'm really glad people relate to me as a Real Estate Person, at least I've been successful in getting that message out.  The message that's getting a little harder to communicate is the answer to the most frequent question I get asked-How's the Market?
I'm always wondering - why do you ask?  Especially before I blurt out an answer:
You want a local Real Estate Market opinion? You're hoping I'll give you a different answer than what you think the market is like? You want to know if I'm making any money? You want to know if you can sell your … (40 comments)

montana: This looks like fun, sisters on the fly visits Red Lodge Montana - 09/04/10 12:19 PM
I saw an ad in the newspaper about a book signing in Red Lodge Montana about a week ago and decided to get my husband and head 60 miles to the southeast of Billings and check out these "vintage trailers".
I'm so impressed, and so excited to work on my own trailer now.  These gals know how to find friends and have a good time, hopefully I can get my act together and saddle up my own outfit and hit the trail with these gals.
There is a website that shows over 400 pictures of sisters on the fly trailers, some … (6 comments)

montana: Would Someone Please Come and Get Your Goats? - 09/01/10 03:16 PM
Having enjoyed Karen Anne's post about "What Do You Do When Someone Get's Your Goat" my ears just perked up when a video appeared on the local news channel KULR 8 in Billings Montana tonight about 2 goats that had stranded themselves on a railroad trestle, high above the highway.
North of Billings in the Bull Mountains is the new Signal Peak Mine, which is a brand new high grade coal mine.  A new railroad was built to transport the coal from the mine to the nearest railroad junction. 
2 Goats found themselves stranded high, and I do mean high, above … (2 comments)

montana: Small Town Football With Big Numbers, Again, 249 to 0 - 10/06/09 02:38 PM
Huntley Project High School Burned to the Ground a year ago September 18th 2008.  Since then the kids have been in trailer classrooms.  The community has rallied together to build a pretty nice  school with a groundbreaking ceremony this Friday at the building site in Worden at 8:30.
Despite this rather tough situation, the Huntley Project Red Devils managed to defeat a host of other Montana Class B Football teams last year and become State Champs.
I'm just wondering what will happen this year!  After 5 games so far, the Huntley Project Red Devils point totals are 249, the opposing teams … (2 comments)

montana: The Wave Sold This Buyer On The Neighborhood - 07/20/09 04:23 PM
I'm driving to my showing with my buyers in their car right behind me.  I turn the corner and a fella on his riding lawn mower looks up in our direction, smiles and waves.  As we pull into the driveway, the neighbors to the west of the listed home come out of their front door on their way out for a walk, and yep, they wave as well.
The buyers look around the home for a few minutes, the house has most of what they wanted.  They can't wait to get back to my office and make an offer on the … (35 comments)

montana: Yea another good reason for women to drink coffee! - 02/28/09 06:01 AM
Newsflash:  Drinking coffee, 4 or more cups per day shown to decrease risk of stroke in women who also do not smoke!
Quit feeling guilty ladies, and maybe gentlemen.  Medscape and yahoo news broadcast this finding this past week, I am sooooo glad!  Everything in moderation, but doesn't it just make you feel good to know that your desire for coffee, while some may consider it a "vice" may actually be medicinal!
I do want to know one thing though, when I head south of Denver, I have a really hard time finding an espresso shop or stand.  What's up?  We … (7 comments)

montana: Are We OK Here In Billings Montana? Or Are We Just Late To The Party? - 12/31/08 08:14 AM
We're Flat, But Not Sinking.  Is this all there is or are we just behind the curve?
Our peak number of closed sales occurred in 2006, like a lot of other places.  Now we're down in total number of single family home sales by about 20% but our absorbtion rate is still under 6 months.  I could of taken this right out of our latest issue of Realtor Magazine our number are so close.
Our lenders are finally smiling, they have about 10 to 1 refi folders they're juggling compared to home sales.  I'm not sure what this means except that … (5 comments)

montana: Hello from Montana - 11/12/08 10:51 AM
I have been reading your wonderful blogs for about a month now, I'm impressed!  I have been listening and watching the video tutorials, hoping the information will seep into my brain.
I live and work in South Central Montana in a place we like to call River City, Billings.  I know, lots of city's have a river, have you ever heard of the Yellowstone? 
I am interested in sharing a bit about our market here, which so far hasn't been in the tank, thank goodness, but we have decreased in number of sales.  Our supply of single family residences right now … (15 comments)

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