rural living: Rural Montana Market Activity for homes on 10 or more acres - 03/21/11 03:13 AM
I'm so glad the snow is melting!  Maybe rural property sales will start picking up as well. 
I've taken a look at the entire market area around Billings Montana at properties over 10 acres, just to get a feel for what's happening out there.  Over the last year, we've sold 82 of these properties, which if you divide that by 12 months, you get a monthly moving average of about 6.8 residential rural properties over 10 acres sold per month. 
Our winter months have been pretty slow however, so get ready for the spring thaw!  Right now we have about 10 … (6 comments)

rural living: What Is That RSID on my Yellowstone County Tax Statement? - 01/17/11 06:12 AM
What is an RSID and why do I have to pay that for my Yellowstone County Montana taxes?
RSID stands for Rural Special Improvement District, a tax structure developed by a group of property owners, usually in a rural subdivision, for the purpose of maintaining roads, parks, water and sewer lines, fire suppression tanks, street lighting and other improvements that benefit property owners within a specific boundary area.
The County does not "impose" a RSID on property owners, the property owners can petition the County to help develop the RSID.  New subdivision rules for new developments do include RSID plans as … (6 comments)

rural living: Will the value of a small acreage home increase if the subdisivion paves their roads? - 04/15/10 04:53 AM
Will the value of the Real Estate go up if a small acre subdivision paves their roads?
Gravel and dust verses clean and smooth Less wear and tear on vehicles verses teenagers testing the gears in their parents tires Road grading maintenance and fees for this verses cost of getting the paving done along with occasional upkeep  
From a value standpoint, I think when a road in a subdivision is paved, it does enhance the saleability of the homes in that subdivision.  Keeping in mind that in our area, Billings Montana, only about 50% of the homes that are listed, … (2 comments)

rural living: Air-to-Air Heat Pumps, Good Efficient Heating and Cooling for Rural Homes - 06/03/09 09:24 AM
Heat Exchanger Extraordinaire!  If you're building or upgrading your heating and air conditioning system, you really need to have a look at this system. 
In the summer, the heat pump moves heat from inside your home, to outside.  In the winter, the heat pump moves heat from the outdoors to the inside.  I won't get into the mechanics, but trust me, this stuff works, really well! 
In our climate, which gets really cold at times, the heat pumps do rely on a back up propane system because at a certain point, it's really hard to extract heat out of freezing … (2 comments)

rural living: Thanks to the rural volunteer fire fighters, great neighbors - 05/29/09 03:43 PM
In a rural community, it may be a half mile or so to your neighbors, but your neighbor just might be your local volunteer fireman/woman.
Not too long ago I had a fire start in a rural subdivision that I was marketing in Shepherd Montana, a grass fire not a house fire.  The local rural fire department responded and worked all day and into the evening to put out the embers and hay bales that take a long time to burn.
The owner of the subdivision, from Phoenix, was notified of the situation.  His response was not one of gratefulness, but … (2 comments)

rural living: Housing Market Update for Shepherd Montana - 04/23/09 03:16 PM
Is this a good time to buy in the Shepherd area?
You can't beat the rural appeal of Shepherd in the springtime.  Shepherd is a rural bedroom community just northeast of the largest metro area in Montana. 
The Real Estate Market for Shepherd is blooming a bit this spring with 6 homes which have closed in the last 60 days and 5 more under contract right now out of a total of 31 homes on the market.
Prices in this area vary, here are some recent market numbers:
The average price for a home active on the market:  $270,000
The average … (1 comments)

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