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Bits and pieces of local real estate information in the Billings Montana and surrounding area.
I think my economics class was about 40 years long, and frankly it's still not over yet.  One thing I have noticed, is  with a tough economy, what was old, is new again!  I'm not talking about making the most out of garage sale prices, I'm talking about living a life that includes a paid off mort...
I took this picture of a real bird (house)'s eye view of the Yellowstone River from a log home for sale just east of Billings Montana.  The road is named Bald Eagle Road and while we were viewing this log home listing, right on cue, a Bald Eagle flew right in front of us on it's way to fish in th...
Montana Hay Bale Trail Hobson, Montana, September 11, 2011 In Montana we have a way of just hanging out with the neighbors, especially on days when the neighbors clown around.  That will be happening again this next Sunday just a hundred miles or so north of me in the Hobson-Utica area.  We will ...
The Yellowstone County Extension Service helps to organize a 3 day event for Sewing and Crafty people who love to see and learn new things. Quilting, Serging, Machine and Hand Embroidery, Jewelry Making and garment construction; all under one roof! You get to hang out with like minded people!  Yo...
The first thing I think of is a worker, usually an hourly paid worker, who shows up and does the "stuff" that needs done.  The Labor Force usually works at the pleasure/need of the boss, who usually represents the best interest of either a for profit, or not for profit institution.  The hourly wo...
I'm very sad to hear this news, this kind of press just makes films like "The Night of the Grizzlies" run through my head.  I love Grizzly Bears, not up close, but I just love the fact that we have them still around.  Encounters with people are VERY RARE, but the headlines are huge! More worry-so...
We've sold 17 homes in the past 90 days, and that's not too shabby!  The price range for the home sales seems to be under $200,000 with only 4 selling over this price. This is the slowest sales summer in the past 5 years, pretty much in step with the rest of the country (even though living east o...
You won't spend $60 a gallon to buy them, but you'll spend $350 a gallon to go and pick them yourself You will drive to your favorite spot, even if the road is bad and under construction and it takes you 4 hours on a windy, narrow, on the edge of a cliff road You pack enough food for 10 days for...
It's not that I don't care, or that I'm too busy, I've just had a case of constipation of the blog. Real Estate has kinda been in the dumps for me around here, I kept thinking we were a bit immune and somewhat protected, but good listings are hard to come by, and good buyers are having 2nd, 3rd a...
Chivalry still obvious in Billings Montana. Just driving up on top of the Rimrocks (high bench above the Yellowstone Valley) when low and behold I see a stranded motorist.  The strandies were two women and right behind them was parked a white dodge pickup, and I'm assuming that the nice looking b...

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