wolves: Wolf Sightings in New Hampshire - 08/10/11 08:12 AM
One of my most-read blog posts is "Have Wolves Returned to New Hampshire?" from June 8, 2011.  I originally wrote about my wolf sighting way back in February 2010 on my Active Rain blog.
I continue to receive the occasional email message from folks who believe that they, too, have seen a wolf.  The messages come from all over New Hampshire, but predominantly from the northern half of the state.  These folks seem pretty savvy about the differences between an eastern coyote (which is common in every county in New Hampshire) and wolves.  In fact, these people must feel confident enough in … (11 comments)

wolves: Have Wolves Returned to New Hampshire? - 02/05/10 12:51 AM
Wolves in New Hampshire?
A couple of weeks ago as I was driving home from work at night an animal ran out of the forest and across the road in front of my car.  I saw it clear as day.  It was a wolf...or, at least it looked like the wolves I've seen on TV and in movies.  I told my husband about it, but he said I probably saw a coy dog, not a wolf.  Well, I've seen coy dogs before and this was definitely NOT an eastern coyote.  And its appearance was wild and not domesticated.
Being an obsessive … (89 comments)

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