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I Wish I Bought Back Then!These are uncertain times for the housing industry. The negative news is overwhelming and can shake anyone's confidence in making a decision to buy a home. Oregon has weathered this housing crisis better than most of the nation. Don't let fear and negative thinking block...
Portland Oregon: 5 things to do in FebruaryOregon Seafood and Wine Festival - Oregon Seafood and Wine FestivalThis winter event held February 1 & 2, 2008 is a typical Oregon celebration. Showcasing Oregon seafood and wine, with the central theme being the very tasty local Dungeness Crab, and feat...
Coping with Buyer's RemorseThe decision to buy a home involves making the largest financial purchase most people will ever make. This is not an entirely rational process, but also involves making emotional decisions, especially for first-time home buyers. Buyer's remorse is the pain, anxiety and ...
What Method do you use to Select a Realtor®?When I took Economics back in college, we all learned that there are many approaches to making a decision. The two methods that I think most apply to how people choose a Realtor are: Satisficing and Optimizing.You have done your groundwork and put toget...
Contingencies are Safeguards for the BuyerA contingency is a stated event that must occur before a contract is binding. There can be many contingencies in a contract (sales agreement) to buy a house, but the two most common are the Financing and Inspection Contingencies.The Financing Contingency ...
Tigard: Coyotes are in Cook ParkAs Tigard grows and subdivisions impact wildlife habitat, wild animals are often attracted to live in open space areas, parks, undeveloped parcels of land, river bottoms and on or near bodies of water.  In most situations humans and wildlife can co-exist.Coyotes sh...
Are Banks Really Suffering?Bank of America reported fourth-quarter earnings 95% below 2006. The headline suggests that this is just one more example of just how our economy is slipping into recession. However, mentioned practically at the end of the article, was that B of A profits for the year w...
Free Aerial PhotographsTerraServer-USA is a Microsoft website that provides free access to maps and aerial photographs of the United States. The usefulness of this site to a real estate agent is that you can explore the neighborhood of your buyers and sellers and see what is around their house. T...
Tips for Choosing the Right Home in TigardWhen you're in the market for a home in Tigard, it's wise to have an idea of what you need in your new home.The home buying process can become overwhelming. With a little pre-planning you can lessen your fears and doubts and obtain the home that's best su...
How can I be sure I'm getting the Best Loan for me to Buy a Home in Tigard?Many potential Tigard home buyers I talk with are wondering if today's lenders can be trusted and how they can tell if the loan they are getting is suitable for them. Lenders have received much bad press and their past rel...

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