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Finding a mortgage that's right for you should be easy. But there are often many different programs to choose from, as well as a myriad of ways to structure the loan in terms of the amount, term, payment, rate, closing costs...the list of options may seem endless.However, because there are so ma...
  I once heard the expression, "Communication is the lubrication in your organization." That couldn't be truer, especially in the world of business. You simply can't over-communicate when dealing with clients. I find that the best way to eliminate the constant state of reactivity in which most of...
A follow up letter with a Customer Evaluation Survey can generate referrals from recent clients and associates. I have included a sample referral request below. I send a similar letter out to all of my clients, along with my own Customer Survey to make sure my team and I are maintaining our goal...
There is much give and take involved in negotiating a property purchase. That's why it's important to have achecklist of what you want to get out of the deal as a buyer. Bear in mind, the home must be appraised and the lender will be looking at the fair market value on a given property. Since pro...
  We all know the Golden Rule, which states, "Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you."Dr. Tony Alesandra, a national public speaker, quotes The Platinum Rule™*, "Do unto others as they would want you to do unto them."Personality profiling should be a major component of what you do o...
  It's staggering when you think about the cost of living, especially if you're a renter and not a home owner. If you are currently paying $1,000 a month for rented housing, over the next three years your property management company will effectively have reaped $36,000 of your hard earned cash. I...
  Labor Day is more than just an extra day off from work or simply the last fling of summer. It's a much-deserved rest in recognition of the hard work and daily disciplines that fuel our businesses and drive our economy.We hope you enjoy this time relaxing with friends and loved ones. You deserve...
These days, most of us work two jobs – the one that pays, and the one we love (at least most of the time): raising our kids.On the message boards atiVillage.com, they have great tips on how to make it easier to do both at once. It's also a great place to share advice of your own, and to get supp...
If you wait until you're 45 years old to start saving for retirement, you'll need to save about $24,000 per year just to reach a comfortable retirement level. But if you start when you're 25, you can reach that same level by saving just $4,000 per year. So use the simple tips below to start gett...

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