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From Ric Edelman’s Inside Personal Finance Want to be your credit card company’s favorite customer? Just max out your card’s limit, agree to pay interest at a rate of 18% to 25%, and make only the minimum payment each month. The minimum monthly payment is set by each card issuer, but it’s typica...
Keith Ferrazzi,  co-author of the book Never Eat Alone about marketing and networking, offers advice for expanding your network of contacts. Keith suggests that you look for opportunities to meet new people by volunteering and share your passions. Comment below and let me know what networking opp...
Closing costs are expenses that cover fees associated with the transfer of property ownership, fees paid to state and local governments, and the costs of obtaining a mortgage loan. Some of these fees are negotiable, and could be paid by either the buyer or the seller. Some costs are one-time fee...
Author and credit scoring expert Linda Ferrari shares 5 simple things you can do to help raise your credit scores quickly. (www.lindaferrari.com) 1. Reduce your credit card balances 2. Make sure that your credit card limits are reported 3. Good credit should be reported from all 3 credit bureaus ...
In many regions of the US, FHA loans have only recently come back into vogue, so a lot of real estate agents and mortgage originators aren’t familiar with this great resource. The following are a just a few of the recent changes that have made FHA loans a more attractive option again for some co...
John Maxwell tells us the secret to success. How Do You Define Success? John Maxwell, tells us that successful people understand what their purpose is. And in this short video John Maxwell gives you the key to the secret of success so that you also can live a successful life.
I highly recommend David Allen and his book and productivity method, “Getting Things Done.”  I’ve mentioned his books and methodology on the Facebook page of Free Business Boosters for Real Estate and if you haven’t checked out his work you can visit his site here for more information. As a comp...
Managing Your Schedule Just Got Easier Google™ is constantly coming up with innovative ways to provide us with quick and easy access to the information we need. In addition to hosting the biggest search engine in the world, Google™ also offers a great desktop search bar, a mapping program with d...
Author, professional speaker, and business trainer, Jeffrey Gitomer illustrates the value of customer referrals and how to get them by offering you these 6 tips. For more information about Jeffrey Gitomer and much more visit http://www.gitomer.com/ Contact me at 678-561-5626 or by email for more ...
Here is a scene from the movie Facing the Giants, where the coach directly confronts a discouraging attitude. A player was called out for not giving his best. The coach demanded the best, shouting, "What is Your Very Best!" The player gave it all and in doing so the coach not only changed the pla...

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