This is so true!  When sellers are looking for a Realtor that serves the area within about 30 minutes from Ft. Meade, they call us to list their home.  We don't work the entire state or out of the area.  It's just not practical or in the clients best interest.  If a buyer is moving into Laurel, E...
This is a very timely reminder about the role that the underwriter plays in a transaction. Just this week we had a transaction nixed by the underwriter. We do understand her concern; this is a waterfront property that is being purchased as an investment. In the future, the tiny 450 square foot h...
  Interesting article by a guy who used to run a real estate office that catered to people who wanted to go the "For Sale By Owner" route.  As he alluded to, when you sell by yourself, you don't always make as much as you'd expect.  You'll "save" the commission, but may lose on the price or have ...

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