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Thermal Imaging or IR or Infrared are different titles for the same process.  The Infrared spectrum of light is just outside of human range and paradoxically provides more "sight" than any human could hope for.  Utilizing the density and reflectiveness of materials, IR combines temperature differ...
In today's reality of working twice as hard for half the money, time management is more important than ever.  Proportionately, time management is more difficult with the increase in business labor.  Central Florida has been hit extremely hard by the housing crash and by extension the home inspect...
For those of you not used to Florida's seasonal rain fall, this may be a soaking experience.  For the first time in many years we are finally experiencing the afternoon showers and thunderstorms.  Florida has been in a water shortage situation for several years.  Part of it is due to recent years...
Chippendale Railing is an old Georgia term associated with a type of pattern worked into the crafting of handrails for all sorts of applications.  When time allows I like to continue my education by working with skilled trades people.  Last week week I had such an opportunity.     When I arrived,...
Number 10:  Let the Inspector do his job.  I don't mean stand aside and not participate or ask questions.  I mean let the inspector do their routine.  I make most of my mistakes when people pull me over to "check this out" real quick.  Have your list of "can you take a look..." ready.  If the in...
To inspect means to observe.  Anyone can observe or inspect anything.  It just so happens that I have had training and practice looking for clues and indicators that lead me to observe more of the picture than most people.  That being said, there are some things that anyone and everyone should be...
Swine Flu!  Has it been overplayed yet?  After spending a week feeling like its possible that I might have such a horrible illness, I found myself with more "office time" than I expected or wanted.  Frankly, I have spent way too much time on a keyboard and not enough time on a surf board.  The we...
Wind Mitigation is a system for providing insurance discounts or credits for home owners that have certain design and building features.  Or, you might have heard of the My Safe Florida Home Program (MSFH) which is similar but in reality different.  The confusion is equal in all sides of the equa...
Taste of Oviedo is an annual sampling of local offerings.  Boy did I miss the boat. Had I been in my "marketing mode" a few weeks earlier I would have jumped on the number of opportunities that I just missed.  Fortunately, I got to take advantage of the best opportunity and spent the day with my ...
In the last post we discussed a situation that involved Polybutlylene, Poly or PB2110 for short.  In Florida, this is the grey stuff (sometimes white or blue) that makes an agent sink.  As an inspector we report the material and condition.  That is the long and short of it for us.  As an agent re...

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