weknowurban: Let us Know - 03/03/10 03:20 AM
We Know Urban Realty is asking visitors to "review" our web site by visiting one (or several) "comment oriented" web sites.
We're often told that WeKnowUrban.com is unique and unlike other real estate web sites....good right?  However, we'd like to hear more specifics.
Do you find the site useful for your high-rise or loft condo search? Do you find the blog posts to contain relevant and helpful information? Is the site easy to use? What would you like to see us add to it? What would you do differently and/or what do you like?  We have several upgrades planned for the year but I'm … (0 comments)

weknowurban: WeKnowUrban - 12/28/09 03:46 PM
Admittedly, few of you will care about this but it's a very big deal for us; we had almost one thousand unique visitors" to www.WeKnowUrban.com last Monday (and 907 the Monday prior).
So what?  Well other than the boost to my ego, having so many visitors means great things for our clients.  For sure the more exposure, the more people who see  a property advertisement the more likely the property will sell quicker and for more money.  We monitor the traffic generated by our competitors' web sites and believe me, none of them come even close to our numbers.  So the folks who hire us … (0 comments)

weknowurban: We are real estate agents - 11/10/09 12:04 PM
We are real estate agents who specialize in cool architecture like High Rise Condos, Lofts, Brownstones, Row Houses and more. No matter what your needs, do not hire an agent who only dabbles in condos. In today's market you must hire an agent who specializes in the urban high rise and loft real estate market. To do anything less is financial suicide. We know the high rise and loft condo market better than anyone in this town and we have the "numbers" to prove it.
In 2009 we have already represented:
5 Foreclosure Sales 1 Alta Modern Flat in downtown … (0 comments)

weknowurban: One Stop Shopping at WeKnowUrban - 09/04/09 03:02 AM
LANDLORDS - We can help you too. We do A LOT of rentals. In 2008 we represented:
4 renters and 2 landlords at Optima Biltmore Towers High Rise Condos 2 renters at Biltmore Square Condos 3 renters at Optima Camelview Village Condos 4 renters and 2 landlords at Summit at Copper Square High Rise Condos 1 renter at Landmark on Central High Rise Condos 2 renters at Artisan Lofts on Central 1 renter at Artisan Lofts on Osborn 2 renters and 1 landlord at Orpheum Lofts 1 renter at Dolce Villagio Townhomes 1 renter at Artisan Commons Townhomes 1 landlord at … (0 comments)

weknowurban: Who needs WeKnowUrban - 09/04/09 03:00 AM
BUYERS - We know which are the best high rise and loft communities in town.
We know where the great condo deals are We know where the foreclosures are We know which condo buildings are in trouble We know the secrets because we study the loft and high rise market 7 days a week SELLERS - Prices in most high rise and loft communities have dropped significantly. If you bought a 'boom' high rise or loft you may now have a property worth less than you paid.
Do you have a strategy for your high rise condo or loft? Does renting … (0 comments)

weknowurban: weknowurban - 09/04/09 02:57 AM
Everyday we talk to developers, other real estate agents, investors, broke people, rich people, good guys, bad guys, scoundrels, scalawags, and anyone and everyone we can find who knows or thinks they know anything about high rise and loft condo living in the valley. We know what is going on.
We are THE experts on condos in town. Don't believe us? Check out the site. You will not find a more comprehensive source of information on this specific market niche anywhere.

weknowurban: WeKnowUrban - 07/13/09 04:16 PM
WeKnowUrban has hundreds of pages of content. You might want to use the Google search bar at the top of each page to help make your search more effective. Or, if you're in the mood to surf, choose a community at the right and start browsing all the wonderful high rise and loft condos in Phoenix
Oh, and IF you are considering buying or selling a high rise, loft or other Phoenix condominium you really should call us. No other real estate agents in town know more about the market than we do.

weknowurban: "Gathering Information" WeKnowUrban can help - 05/04/09 04:22 PM
You may be in the "gathering information" stage and aren't ready to talk to an Agent yet.  If so, we provide tons of information to assist you in your research, with the hope that when it is time to buy or sell you'll give us a call.
Since we update our information regularly, bookmark our web pages so you can re-visit them easily.  To do so, simply visit the page, right click your mouse, and select "create shortcut."  This will put an icon on your desktop.
Please know that you will not be contacted by us unless you ask us to.

weknowurban: WeKnowUrban in the News - 09/01/08 05:50 PM
We at WeKnowUrban had a very public week two weeks ago having been interviewed by ABC 15 News and quoted in two different Arizona Republic Newspaper articles.  We don't have a copy of the television news spot yet but to see the newspaper articles visit the following addresses.
August 5, 2008
August 8, 2008

weknowurban: Advertise on WeKnowUrban Classifieds; It Works - 08/28/08 02:30 AM
We just activated the Classified Advertisement section of WeKnowUrban last week but we are already enjoying success.
Last Wednesday my wife created a WKU Classified Ad for a rental property that she owns.  The next day she received her first lead and showed the property that day.  She is currently pulling credit and a background check on the prospective renter.
Now this could be a fluke or it could be because we get over 250 urban living enthusiasts visiting our site every single day.  For now, I'm going to chalk it up to the great traffic that the site generates and ride … (0 comments)

weknowurban: I'm Embarrassed - 09/13/07 03:29 AM
I have to say that I'm more than a little embarrassed that I did not know about this website until just last night.  What a great tool.  Way to go ActiveRain.com.  Finally, I have a reliable platform to discuss high rise and loft condo issues in the greater Phoenix area with like minded real estate agents! … (7 comments)

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