yuma: Waiting for a higher sales price, could cost YOU a higher price! - 02/12/14 01:05 AM
As the market continues to improve, and we see prices on new and resale homes steadily going up, with interest rates joining the party, the question is, will the waiting for a higher price, cost YOU, a higher price?
Someone who purchased a 3 bedroom 2 bath home for $150,000 ten years ago, could be seeing their neighborhood now selling for $180,000. After 10 years’ time, they have outgrown their home, or have found that they have different needs now from what they originally wanted in a home.
The homeowner, seeing their neighborhood increase in price, decides … (0 comments)

yuma: Welcome Home Wednesday! 2-10 Home Warranty - 11/06/13 05:39 AM
Welcome Home Wednesday!
During the month of November, we are going to be providing you information about home warranties. When we negotiate an offer for the sale of a home, we typically try to negotiate a home warranty be provided to our buyer(s) so that they can have some piece of mind on how the key components of the home will work.
Upon the successful negotiation of a home warranty for our buyer(s), we suggest to them one of a few reputable warranty companies. This month we will be talking about 2-10 Home Warranty. 2-10 Home Warranty can help … (0 comments)

yuma: Welcome Home Wednesday! Swimming Pool Coverage - 10/30/13 07:06 AM
Welcome Home Wednesday! One popular feature, when purchasing a home, is a swimming pool, but one thing to consider is the liability and costs associated with having and maintaining a pool.
Swimming pools add great value to entertaining guest and family, complementing your back yard landscaping, and a great form of exercise.
During the inspection period, for the purchase of your new home, your REALTOR should recommend that you have the swimming pool equipment inspected for reliability of the pump, equipment and construction of the pool itself. In turn, you should obtain an insurance quote from your insurance provider. … (2 comments)

yuma: Welcome Home Wednesday! Insure your clothes - 10/23/13 10:44 AM
Welcome Home Wednesday! Many of the things that you insure include your home, your car, and your boat, but what about your other personal belongings?
Sandy Ramos, Insurance Agent with Famers Insurance Group, located at 913 West 16th Street, Yuma, Arizona 85364, recommends that you also insure your personal belongings. Not just your T.V’s, furniture and other electronics, but your clothes! If in the event of a fire, you will need to replace your wardrobe. Having them insured will help you replace your wardrobe much quicker.
After you have insured your items with your agent, video tape and store your video tapped … (0 comments)

yuma: Flood Insurance Policies in Yuma, Arizona - 10/16/13 04:21 AM
Welcome Home Wednesday brings you more helpful information from Sandy Ramos with Farmers Insurance Group, located at 913 West 16th Street Yuma, Az. 85364.
When looking for a home, certain neighborhoods require flood insurance on the home due to the location for where the home sits in relation to possible flooding. Your REALTOR will bring items like these to your attention when you are searching for a home.
However, it doesn't take living next to the coast or being in a high risk zone to bring flood damage your way. Excessive rain, poor drainage systems, broken water mains and rapid rain falls … (0 comments)

yuma: Home Inspections & Home Owner Insurance Policies - 10/09/13 08:12 AM
During the purchase of your home, you will have an "Inspection Period," which is typically 10 days. However, your REALTOR and you can increase the amount of time if you decide it’s needed. This inspection period allows you to overview the home from the foundation to the roof and everything in between.
It even allows you to research the neighborhood and school districts. But one of the things that we remind our clients to do during this time period is to call for a home owner insurance quote from people like Sandy Ramos at Farmers Insurance Group, located at 913 West … (0 comments)

yuma: Welcome Home Wedesday / Vista Del Valle, Yuma, Az. - 08/21/13 10:34 AM
Today’s Welcome Home Wednesday is the Townhomes/Condo’s of Vista Del Valle. Vista Del Valle is located off of 24th Street and Elks Lane. Built in the mid 1970’s, you can find 1, 2 & 3 bedroom Townhome/Condo’s ranging from 890 square feet, to 1848 square feet.
This community is a HOA community and depending on which community you live in, will depend on the amount of the HOA fees. HOA fees include different benefits depending on the community you live in.
Currently there are a total of 5 homes listed for sale in Vista Del Valle and the average … (3 comments)

yuma: Welcome Home Wednesday / Rancho Sereno, Yuma, Arizona - 08/14/13 11:30 AM
Welcome Home Wednesday presents, Rancho Sereno. Located off of 16th Street, in between Avenue B and Avenue C. Rancho Sereno began construction of their community in 1990, and the square footage of these homes run from 1600 square feet on upto 3500 square feet. You can find both 1 and 2 story homes with 3,4 & 5+ bedrooms within Rancho Sereno.
Currently there are 7 homes for sale in Rancho Sereno, with an average listing price of $222,875. Within the last six months, a total of 12 homes have sold with an average sales price of $197,009. That’s a price … (1 comments)

yuma: Welcome Home Wednesday / College Park - 08/07/13 12:25 PM
Today’s Welcome Home Wednesday neighborhood is College Park. College Park is located off of 24th Street and 8E, and in the area of Arizona Western College. Homes in this neighborhood were constructed in the mid-1990’s, with the average square foot per home to be around 1750 square feet. You can find both single level and two story homes in this community and both 2 and 3 car garages.
Currently there are 5 homes for sale in College Park and of those 5, 3 are under contract with an average price of $128,866. In the last 6 months, there have been … (1 comments)

yuma: Home Prices in Parkway Place, in Yuma, Arizona - 07/31/13 11:12 AM
Today’s Welcome Home Wednesday neighborhood is Parkway Place. The Parkway Place community of homes were constructed in the early 2000’s and are located off of 24th Street & Avenue C. The average square footage for this community is 2200 square ft. per home, and currently you can find 5 homes for sale in Parkway Place, with an average sales price of $237,000. Within the last 6 months, a total of 4 homes have sold with an average selling price of $224,500.
Because we are beginning to see an increase in both home sales, and pricing, along with a decrease in … (1 comments)

yuma: Ready to purchase a home, but not sure how or where to get started? - 07/29/13 03:36 AM
During the next few weeks, I will begin providing information to those looking to re-establish their credit, and or establish their credit, and prepare them to purchase a home. From working with a REALTOR, to getting financed until the day you get your keys. The objective in the write ups will be to put the knowledge in your hands so that you can be a buyer who is in the "know."
We are always here to serve, call us today.
"Welcome Home Yuma!"

yuma: Meeting the Champ, Muhammad Ali! - 07/15/13 03:10 AM
For as long as I can remember, my father would always watch the boxing matches on T.V.  I would make my way into the T.V. room so that I could watch and hang out with him. While we would watch the fights, my father would share with me his thoughts, techniques likes/dislikes about certain boxers. 
My father would show me what things to look for in watching a boxer fight. He'd tell me about the boxers corner, how a boxer conditions, their motivation and the difference between boxing and fighting. 
During my years as a child, we would watch each and every Muhammad … (0 comments)

yuma: My Friend, Yuma, Arizona - 06/10/13 10:14 AM
Years ago I would see a black kid riding a bicycle in and around Yuma, Az. who was always dressed as if he was coming from church, wearing a bicycle helmet and always smiling.
What stood out to me most, was that he was never dressed as one would be to go about riding a bicycle in the middle of the day, and I would find him at random places in and around town. But what stood out to me the most, was that he didn’t really seem to have an urgency to get anywhere, more so as if he … (0 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; Julieanna's Patio Cafe Yuma, Az. - 05/06/13 10:07 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from Julieanna’s Patio Café, located at 1951 West 25th Street Yuma, Az 85364 Ph. (928) 317-1961.
Julieanna’s has a look and feel to it that is one of a kind. A restaurant that is lush in vegetation and a feel as if you have escaped from the norm. An outdoor dining experience with live parrots, a tranquil fountain, and a live peacock roaming the grounds, all while being seated in nicely landscaped Spanish patio courtyard setting.
Julieanna’s is available for private meeting or celebrations and weddings. With a very comfortable bar to enjoy a cocktail, … (0 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; Da Boyz Pizza And Pasta Downtown Yuma, Az. - 04/29/13 08:55 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from Da Boyz Pizza & Pasta Downtown, located at 284 South Main Street #101 Yuma, Az. 85364 Ph# 928-783-8383.
Da Boyz Pizza & Pasta has two locations, one is in the Foothills and the other is located in downtown Yuma. I exceptionally like the décor, atmosphere and location of the downtown location. What Da Boyz has done for downtown Yuma, is what air conditioning did for the automobile.
As soon as you walk into the historic building, you feast upon the bevy of desserts that they have in the glass show case cabinet. Greeted, then quickly … (0 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; Mostly Muffins Yuma, Az. - 04/22/13 06:39 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from Mostly Muffins, located at 2451 West 16th Street Yuma, Az. (928) 783-7484.
Recently remodeled, and now owned and operated by Courtney Fisher Sellers & Robyn Stallworth Pouquette, they have given Mostly Muffins a great new face lift, while keeping it rooted for what it has been best known for, Muffins!
The vibrant energy, décor and attentive staff, help compliment the delicious menu that they have provided for all those who visit. The new look of the dining room allows your eyes to glide across the restaurant and enjoy the new look that was long overdue from the … (3 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; Stans Market Place Yuma, Az. - 04/15/13 05:24 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from Stan’s Market Place, located at 1920 South 1st Avenue Yuma, Az. 85364; (928) 783-2526.
Stan’s Market Place is a neighborhood grocery store, laundry mat and a quick bite for Mexican food all under one roof. What I love about Stan’s Market Place is that it reminds me of the “tienditas” found in Mexico within the neighborhoods. Where you could just walk a few houses down to a home that has converted its front living room into a store, and buy miscellaneous items people are looking for, without going to the large markets found on the commercialized … (0 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; Lutes Casino - 04/01/13 05:50 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from Lutes Casino, “Where the Elite Meet.” Lutes Casino is located at 221 South Main Street, Yuma, Az. 85364, Phone: 928-782-2192.
Lutes Casino was built in 1901 and originally a General Store with a hotel located on the second floor, and has always been a staple to down town Yuma, Az. Although there is no actual “casino” within Lutes Casino, back in their earlier days there was, but it was all done illegally. A trap door, found within the establishment, lead to a basement where the gambling took place. Today, the only gambling taking place is a … (0 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; La Fonda Restaurant & Tortilla Factory - 03/25/13 11:56 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from La Fonda Restaurant & Tortilla Factory, located at 1095 South 3rd Avenue Yuma, Az.
Mr. & Mrs. Hurtado open and established La Fonda Restaurant & Tortilla Factory in 1940, originally as a tamale and tortilla factory. Later, after the passing of Mr. Hurtado, his wife Gloria went on to carry on the business and later sold it to Frank and Connie Ramos in 1982. Mr. Ramos, who worked for both Mr. & Mrs. Hurtado at the Tortilla Factory at the age of 14 went on to carry on the Hurtado Family tradition. Later expanding the … (2 comments)

yuma: Menu Monday; Village Inn Pizza Parlor - 03/18/13 04:06 AM
Today’s Menu Monday comes from Village Inn Pizza Parlor, located at 41 East 16th Street Yuma, Az and in its original location, Village Inn Pizza was thin crust pizza before we even knew what thin crust pizza even was. A pizza in its simplest form found in a classic wood trimmed pizza parlor, and a beer cooler that provides a sense of entitlement when you order your beer that is handed to you in a frosted mug, will begin to just wash away your day.
Village Inn Pizza Parlor still catches the eye of passersby when they look to see … (2 comments)

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