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Because we are so close to our pets, they often become very sensitive to our stress levels. When we are packing to move or even take a vacation, our pets will be more stressed than usual. When packing, it helps to remove pets from the area to minimize stress, fear and possible harm. Here are some...
Baked Sweet/Sour Soy Ribs3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil3 garlic cloves2 ¼ cups ketchup1 ¾ low salt chicken broth (divided)8 tablespoons soy sauce (divided)6 tablespoons dark brown sugar4 ½ tablespoons mild-flavored molasses3 tablespoons red wine vinegar4 large baby back pork ribs (each roug...
If you enjoy wine, you've got to check out East Wenatchee's Martin Scott Winery (www.martinscottwinery.com). They cover the whole spectrum in terms of wine products, but their big bold reds are particularly good. Visit them today at their tasting room and be entertained and educated by the wine m...
A bright and well-lit home can dramatically change the mood of your home and help you feel relaxed and comfortable all year long. Here are some tips to lighten up your home and make the rooms look big and inviting:Choose different types of lighting to avoid the expense of installing windows or sk...
Instead of having a traditional garage sale, perhaps you should consider putting your garage sale online. Free online classified ads like Craig's List or fee-based auction sites like eBay make it easy to do. Here's how: Take your time: The beauty of an online garage sale is that you don't need to...
Grading Local SchoolsWhen thinking of buying a home, most people research various neighborhood amenities, including local schools. Regardless of whether you have children, schools can affect property values and are an important consideration when buying a home.Here are four ways to tell if area s...
What Goes Into Your Monthly Mortgage PaymentWhen you're thinking of buying a home, you may wonder what your mortgage payment will look like. When you have a mortgage, you'll have several different portions of your payment each month. Your mortgage payment consists of principal, interest, taxes an...
All About Down PaymentsAn important aspect of getting a home loan is saving money for your down payment. You have many choices to make your home more affordable to you.Lenders used to require a down payment of at least 20 percent of the home's price. These days, however, many lenders offer flexib...
Choosing the neighborhood for your homeBuying a home is an investment in the neighborhood as well as the house. In fact, the character and amenities of the neighborhood may be as important to the property value as the house itself. No matter what kind of neighborhood you're looking for, it's impo...
The Importance of Pre-approvalPre-approval can be a very valuable step towards purchasing a home. Many home buyers get pre-qualified for a home loan early on, and then become pre-approved before beginning a serious home search. By completing your mortgage application prior to choosing a home, you...

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