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An insiders look at the Wenatchee and North Central Washington real estate market
One of the first decisions most home buyers have to make is whether to look for a brand new house or an existing one. Here are some factors to consider when you buy a new home: * You get to choose floor coverings, colors, amenities, etc. * They are usually more energy-efficient than older homes. ...
When you start looking for a home, it’s important to consider factors outside the home that can enhance or detract from your lifestyle. Here are some things to consider: * Is there a playground, pool or park nearby? Are the fees affordable? * How close is the home to a hospital, police or fire de...
For most people, buying a home represents one of the largest purchases they’ll ever make. Here are some factors to consider before you start shopping for your next home: * How much money you want to spend. * What type of home you would like. * Where you want to live. * When you want to move. * Ho...
When you make an offer to buy a home, the seller has the option to accept it, reject it, or counter your offer with a different price and/or terms. In a market with strong demand, a seller may not counter an offer but merely choose the highest one. When you find the home that fits your needs, we ...
For me, a wonderful sauce can make any meat tast amazing. Here's one of my best that compliments any beef or lamb dish and provides that wow factor.   Dijon/Port Lamb or Beef Reduction Sauce Drippings from meet ¾ cup port ¾ cup beef stock ¾ cup heavy cream ¾ cup shallots 3+ tablespoons fresh mint...
The easiest way to maintain and improve your home's value is consistent maintenance and repair. Keeping up with seasonal issues like inspecting your roof for weather damage in the spring or cleaning gutters and downspouts in the fall keeps the time you have to spend on these tasks at a minimum. W...
Wenatchee housing market still bucks trend By Christine Pratt World staff writer Posted June 26, 2008 "WENATCHEE — Soaring inventory and slowing sales could be driving down area home prices, but Wenatchee is still among the nation's strongest markets for home-price appreciation, recent industry r...
When the move is over and you have unpacked, it's always good to do a safety check of your new home. Check the sturdiness of handrails, check for loose floorboards or tiles and put fresh batteries in the smoke alarms. You'll also want to make sure to put your transaction records in a safe place w...
Who owns the riverfront? By Travis HayWorld staff writer Posted June 21, 2008 "WENATCHEE - Five years ago the city of Wenatchee announced plans to make sweeping changes to its waterfront along the Columbia River. Here is a look at what has happened along the roughly two-mile stretch of riverfront...
Single mom finds a nest amid soaring home prices Help comes from local Housing Authority and federal program By Christine PrattWorld staff writer Posted June 20, 2008 "CASHMERE - She did it. With a lot of patience and some help from state and local agencies, bus driver and part-time store clerk C...

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