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Senate Bill 342 passed both houses and was signed by the govenor back in the spring of 2009.  It requires all state licensed loan originators to obtain a license by July 31st 2010.  Only federally charted depository employees, credit unions, and the Farm Credit Administration are exempt. That day...
In their infinite wisdom, HUD decided that it would be better for consumers (buyers) if they knew the TOTAL cost of the transaction instead of just what THEIR closing costs were.  Not a bad idea in theory.  The PRACTICE has become a problem, though. Pre January 1, 2010, loan originators would sho...
Searching for an Albuquerque Home Loan?  Read what one of my referral partners recently wote before you make your decision.  :)I wanted to take a minute to thank a Reputable Albuquerque Lender, my colleague Wes Moore.   Wes has been in the mortgage business for close to 20 years, most recently wi...
I got a call last week from a Realtor friend asking my advice.  He represented a seller who was under contract and whom had agreed to pay UP TO 2 points at closing plus other closing costs (DOC PREP, UNDERWRITING REVIEW, PROCESSING) to the buyer's mortgage broker. The transaction was set to close...
Good morning.  As some of you may know, because of Senate Bill 342 that was passed in the 2009 legislative session, loan originators now must be licensed in the state of New Mexico.  One of the requirements to become licensed is 20 hours of initial education in the mortgage industry.  I received ...


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