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Hello All! I have been absent from Active Rain for some time now. I have gone back to work full time at a local advertising agency (I was in advertising before staging my home staging company) and I officially love my job! I never thought I would love working for someone again....but I was wrong....
LOVE this post!Recently, I read a magazine article which profiled the wedding day of a particular couple and one part of their story really struck a chord with me. The bride was determined that they would spend as little money on their wedding day as possible. She got the bright idea that she wou...
I have done this before...but thought it would be funny to see everyone's responses.    It's ALWAYS interesting to see what's in a stager's trunk....b/c we all usually have the strangest things in our trunks.   CURRENTLY - In my trunk, you will find.... 1. Wrinkle Releaser (Can't live without it!...
You know that saying, “You can’t see the forest because of the trees.”  Well this same concept applies to getting a home ready to sell. At times it’s hard for us to see past the major things that need to be done in order to see the small things right in front of us. Nothing says you have to have ...
  This is not a column for the faint of heart. And let’s face it….we’re all a bit "faint of heart" when it comes to matters of the home. It’s OUR home and we have built memories there. We have painted and planted flowers and had family gatherings and raised families in our homes. But here’s the m...
Before I even begin this one, I must carefully preface my following “pet peeves” with something revealing about myself – I am by no means perfect and neither is my home. Surprise!   If you came over right now and took a stroll through my home, you would find the following: art canvas I got for my...
This is long guys, but it's great...a recent column my HUSBAND wrote. Enjoy.   Top Ten Things You Learn Being Married to a Stager….    My husband, Bryan and I were talking about this week’s column and he came up with a wonderful idea: to write about the top ten things he has learned while being m...
What are you thankful for??? Here's 15 off the top of my head:1.    Ticky-Tac- I have never known the exact name for this stuff, but it’s that gummy stuff that you use for a gazillion different things. I am so thankful for ticky-tac because I put it on the corners of art-work I hang so that it wo...
Hi EVERYONE! Ok, so i have had this idea for some time now for this "thing" to do at a Presentation. I haven't had the right opportunity to do it...I am SUPER busy right now starting a 2nd company and helping my hubby start his first. (This is SO why I am a Gemini for those of you who have read M...
After watching an episode of MythBusters over the 4th of July Holiday weekend I was happy to find out that waterproof sun block does not, infact, cause blindness when it gets into your eyes. Whew. And I was even more excited to learn that if you are stung by a Jellyfish while swimming you do not ...

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