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Obama has a new Plan to help homeowners facing Foreclosure. It's Called Name and Shame.     The Plan: Publicly out loan servicers and banks who are failing to modify the mortgages of homeowners. The thought is that the public shame will embarrass the companies to act responsibly and change behav...
This morning I read a wonderful blog post by Norm Werner titled, One In Four Borrowers is Underwater. I just loved the way Norm talked about how we as professionals and individuals need to come from a place of compassion. To piggy back on that topic I came across this incredible video that gives ...
In a move towards greater consumer protection from predatory banking practices the Feds have banned the practice of charging ATM Overdraft fees without the consumer being aware of the possibility. I started following this trend a year or so ago when I discovered that my bank me authorize a debit ...
Today, November 11th, we are experiencing a rare numerological phenomenon. "11" is the Master Number that opens the doors of awareness and opportunity for the energies of Creation at all levels. 2009 (2+0+0+9=11) carries this vibration throughout the year - and we haven't had an "11" year since 1...

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