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As week 1 winds to an end, today the 30 Day Challenge focuses on making sure that commercial indicators exsist for the key words that you choose. Commercial indicators simply show that people are making money using the key words that you are targeting in your blog or website. As I said yesterday,...
Today's lesson in the Challenge will focus on the strength of your "theme" key words as they relate to your market niche. Specifically, you will learn how to develop and analyze what is called the SEO Matrix. If you have been following along with this years, challenge, you will know what I'm talk...
In the competitive world of Real Estate maximizing your exposure to potential clients is critical. Today you will learn about SEO Competition and how to drill down into the Markets and Niches that you discovered in yesterday's lesson. This lesson could be the difference between hyper-local market...
Today we get into the nitty gritty of key word selection and specifically how to find Theme and Category keywords for your blog or website. Todays video takes you through the process of finding process of finding the specific Theme & Category Keywords that you will build your brand or niche aroun...
This is hands down the best SEO research tool that I have ever seen. Market Samurai is the SEO tool used throughout the 2010 30 Day Challenge. I've been using it for a while. If you have ever struggled with SEO this IS the tool of choice. Enjoy: Join me in this year's challenge: Join The Challeng...
Today's lesson in the 30 Day Challenge is designed to give you an understanding of keyword traffic and competition. When writing blogs or content for any website, and especially when spending money on pay per click campaigns, it makes no sense to target keywords that have no demand or that won't ...
A great post by Feng Shui Manhatten - perfect for the law of attraction focus.  enjoy  Feng Shui Intentions the 3 Keys can help Lead to Success and Happiness in Life   Many times clients on Long Island NY will ask, what do you mean by intentions? My reply, think of intentions as your "wish" list,...
The Magnificicant Symphony of SEO presented by Ed Dale. When I first started posting this series here on Active Rain I knew that the information provided was going to be amazing. Again, while the focus of The Challenge is internet marketing, the tools and lessons apply to everythi...
Great money saving tips....This months issue of AARP Bulletin had several great ideas for ways to save money, or to make a little extra cash. I have not had a chance yet to investigate all of the ideas, but here are a few that stuck out to me. 1. Rent extra space in your home or garage. One of th...
The disclaimer video, short sweet and to the point. I really like the way these guys do business....there are more lessons to be learned here than simple SEO...enjoy. Join me in this year's challenge: Join The Challenge Group right here on Active Rain. I am Kate Bourland. I help people like you g...

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