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Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC, Exeter Reverse 1031 Exchange Services, LLC and Exeter IRA Services, LLC are dedicated to educating and informing real estate investors on the benefits of 1031 Exchanges, 1033 Exchanges, Self-Directed IRAs and Title Holding Trusts so they can make better informed investment decisions. (619) 239-3091.



I received a number of emails requesting more information, including more information about the potential downside and/or disadvantages of using the Deferred Sales Trust.  These are great questions, of course, and an important part of your due diligence process.  Disadvantages of the Deferred Sal...
  SCI Real Estate Investments and Exeter 1031 Exchange Services cordially invite you to: Tax Deferral and Replacement Property Solutionsin a 1031 Exchange Wednesday, November 5th10:00am - 12:30pmSCI Real Estate Investments11620 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Fl.Los Angeles, CA 90025 This educational works...
Those who own businesses, corporations, and/or commercial or residential investment real property, personal property or other highly appreciated assets are often reluctant to sell the asset because of significant capital gain taxes that will be due upon the sale of the asset. Taxpayers do not alw...
1031 Tax Exchange Hawaiian Operations You may know that we established a branch office operation on the Big Island of Hawaii under the management of Mellanese Lofton, Esq., earlier this year. This is part of our strategic plan in order to take advantage of the rebounding real estate market later ...
......but it is a step in the right direction.  Senate Bill SB 1007 Becomes Law State of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill SB 1007 into law on October 2, 2008.  This Senate Bill SB 1007 provides certain minimum standards or guidelines that 1031 exchange Accommodators or...

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