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Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC, Exeter Reverse 1031 Exchange Services, LLC and Exeter IRA Services, LLC are dedicated to educating and informing real estate investors on the benefits of 1031 Exchanges, 1033 Exchanges, Self-Directed IRAs and Title Holding Trusts so they can make better informed investment decisions. (619) 239-3091.



President Barack Obama claimed early progress Tuesday night in his aggressive campaign to lead the nation out of economic chaos and declared that despite obstacles ahead, "we're moving in the right direction."
Here, yet again, is another positive sign that our real estate economy is repositioning and rebuilding itself faster than analysts had anticipated.  Lewis Savage and Adam Bryan, who were both former senior executives with SCI Real Estate Investments, announced the launch of their new investment s...
The United States housing starts and permits rebounded last month (February 2009) from previous record lows.  This is the first time that housing starts and permits have risen in 10 months, according to data on Tuesday that gave a glimmer of hope for the recession-hit real estate market and overa...
1031 Exchange WebinarSee all of our seminar programs. Basic Level 1031 Exchange Webinar This is a basic level webinar on forward, reverse and improvement (build-to-suit or construction) 1031 exchange transactions pursuant to Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code and Section 1.1031 of the Trea...
This topic gets beaten to death.  It is not that difficult.  The difficulty is trying to manage the media so that they stop scaring the stuffing out of consumers.  Scared consumers do not spend money, which in turn leads to recession.  Sound familiar? Now, back to the topic.  We are beginning to ...
We have started to see very slight and modest signs that the economy's downward spiral has stopped, is bottoming out, and may begin to reverse itself.  I don't want to say recovery yet, because I think we have quite a ways to go before that word is appropriate, but at least there is a light at th...
The U.S. Tax Court has ruled that Real Estate Agent's rental real estate losses ARE EXEMPT from the passive loss rules if the real estate agent spends more than one-half of their time and at least 750 hours per year materially involved in real estate.  This is the identical rule that applies to r...
The State of California previously placed a 30 day hold on all income tax refunds with the possibility of the hold being extended if certain financial requirements were not achieved. The California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) lifted the income tax refund suspension on March 6, 2009, and the Franchi...
California Title Holding Trust (Land Trust) Webinar Click here to view our upcoming Title Holding Trust seminars. Basic Level California Title Holding Trust Webinar This is a basic level discussion regarding the benefits and advantages of acquiring, owning, holding and disposing of California rea...

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