depreciation recapture: Depreciation Recapture Upon Sale Of Rental Property - 01/30/10 09:25 AM
It's that time of year again when I receive and answer many tax questions related to the reporting and tax treatment of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, or this year the "lack" of 1031 Exchanges in many cases, on taxpayers income tax returns.
The Tax Man Cometh and Taketh
This year there are many more questions related to the tax treatment of rental properties because many taxpayers merely sold and cashed out and now have significant income tax liabilities. The one income tax issue involved with rental property that is often misunderstood is depreciation recapture.
Depreciation and Depreciation Recapture
Taking depreciation on your … (2 comments)

depreciation recapture: What Happens to the Depreciation When I Sell My Investment Property? - 08/20/08 05:45 PM
This is an excellent question.  There are many taxpayers who do not fully understand exactly how depreciation works, how it reduces their income taxes by sheltering some of their rental income, and most importantly what happens to the depreciation when they ultimately sell their rental property without using the 1031 exchange. 
Depreciation Recapture
Taxpayers must depreciate their rental property.  It is not an option.  The depreciation taxpayers have deducted on their income tax return during the time they owned the rental property must be recaptured or added back into their taxable income as depreciation recapture when they sell their rental … (9 comments)