reverse exchange: Reverse 1031 Exchange Activity Up Significantly - 02/07/14 07:25 AM
There have been numerous articles published in various media outlets over the past few calendar quarters discussing the fact that 1031 Exchange transaction volume is way up.  We have certainly experienced the same thing in our 1031 Exchange operation - 1031 Exchange volume has exploded over the last 12 months - and the trend line (pipeline) continues to look very strong indeed. 
Reverse 1031 Exchange Volume Significantly Up
An underlying trend that we noticed as we analyzed our 1031 Exchange transaction detail was that Reverse 1031 Exchange activity had not only increased as well, but had increased significantly more than regular Forward 1031 … (1 comments)

reverse exchange: Introduction to Reverse Exchanges Webinar - 02/12/12 04:51 PM
Today's rapidly evolving real estate market has lots of investment opportunities available for the real estate investor, but they must move quickly to take advantage of the investment opportunities (or lose them).  What happens when they are not able to sell their existing investment property in time to take advantage of the current investment opportunity through a 1031 Exchange?  
Learn how you can save your real estate transaction with a Reverse Exchange. This Reverse Exchange webinar will be presented by William L. Exeter, President/CEO, Exeter Reverse 1031 Exchange Services, LLC.  Mr. Exeter is a renowned real estate tax strategist specializing in 1031 … (0 comments)

reverse exchange: Investment Strategy for Today’s Real Estate Market - 06/06/10 06:54 PM
Today's rapidly evolving real estate market provides lots of investment opportunities available for the real estate investor. The opportunities may be fire sales, short sales, foreclosures (Trustee sales) or deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure.
In any event, the real estate investor must move quickly to close on the really good (i.e. well priced) real estate deals. Cash is certainly king in today’s market place. Real estate investors that can pay all cash and close quickly will win out, and those who can’t pay cash or move quickly will lose out.
Real estate investors often want to sell some of their existing property to … (6 comments)

reverse exchange: Why is a Separate Legal Entity Needed in a Reverse Exchange? - 09/06/08 08:45 AM
Many Reverse Exchange Business Models
This is a very good question, and one that is not asked often enough.  There are many reverse exchange service providers in the market place today with just as many reverse exchange operating models as well.  It makes choosing a reverse 1031 exchange company very confusing and certainly more challenging.
Many Blog Posts on Reverse Exchanges
There have been many blog posts regarding reverse exchange issues.  They cover all sorts of topics such as why you should use a reverse exchange, what the benefits are, how to structure one, what ruling actually authorized the reverse exchange, … (2 comments)

reverse exchange: Selecting a Reverse 1031 Exchange Service Provider - 08/14/08 07:23 PM
I was at a real estate industry function this evening and I bumped into a commercial real estate broker that was visiting from the state of Arizona.  He brought up the fact that he had just completed his own very first reverse 1031 exchange and was commenting on what a horrible experience it was.  
I inquired as to what happened and he proceeded to tell me all of the horrible details.  There were so many little issues that created some really big last minute panic attacks for him.  The bottom line is that the reverse 1031 exchange services provider did not really … (0 comments)

reverse exchange: Reverse 1031 Exchanges Can Save The Day - 08/02/08 10:31 AM
The reverse 1031 exchange can save the day when your client is trying to acquire investment real estate in our challenging real estate market today.  The mortgage industry meltdown and the capital markets meltdown have both contributed to a significant increase in short sales and foreclosure activity, which has created exceptional acquisition opportunities. 
There are so many investment real estate acquisition opportunities out there right now due to this increase in short sale, foreclosure and distressed real estate activity.  Your clients may not always be ready to sell one of their existing rental properties in time to structure a forward 1031 exchange … (0 comments)

reverse exchange: Increase in Reverse Exchanges: Bottom Feeders Are Jumping In Using Reverse Exchanges - 06/22/08 07:24 PM
We have seen the beginnings of an interesting trend in our current market cycle that involves reverse exchange transactions.  The real estate bottom feeders are beginning to jump in and search for investment opportunities, which means the creative transactions are right around the corner.  However, we have seen an interesting trend that I thought we would share with you.
Increase in Reverse Exchange Transactions  
We've seen a marked increase in the number of phone calls, emails and internet questions asking about reverse exchange structures and procedures, and we have seen an increase in the actual number of reverse exchange transactions that we … (4 comments)

reverse exchange: Non-Safe-Harbor Reverse Exchange Strategy Continued ...... - 06/07/08 04:58 PM
I addressed safe harbor reverse exchange structures in my last blog post.  I will go into more detail as to how a non-safe-harbor reverse exchange might be structured in today's market.
Deciding On Reverse Exchange Structure
Reverse exchanges structured pursuant to Rev. Proc. 2000-37 must be structured differently from those that are structured using a non-safe-harbor reverse exchagne structure.  You must decide up front if you will be able to follow the safe harbor guidelines or if you will most likely not be able to stay within the 180 calendar day deadline and will need to proceed with a non-safe-harbor reverse exchange. 

reverse exchange: Non-Safe-Harbor Reverse Exchange Strategy - 06/07/08 04:20 PM
Safe Harbor Reverse Exchanges
I addressed safe harbor reverse exchange structures in my blog post from yesterday.  I discussed the fact that a safe harbor reverse exchange will qualify for tax-deferred exchange treatment and will not be challenged by the IRS provided the safe harbor parking arrangements contained within Rev. Proc. 2000-37 are followed. 
Safe Harbor Provisions Only
Rev. Proc. 2000-37 merely provides certain safe harbor provisions that you can rely upon when structuring a reverse exchange transaction.  Safe harbor provisions essentially mean that the IRS will not challenge the transaction if you follow the safe harbor provisions. 
It is possible to … (0 comments)

reverse exchange: The Safe Harbor Reverse Exchange - 05/31/08 06:57 PM
I addressed the issue of whether a true reverse exchange would qualify for tax-deferred exchange treatment in my blog post from yesterday.  I discussed the fact that a true reverse exchange does not exist, but that a reverse exchange can be structured. 
Reverse Exchange Pursuant to Revenue Procedure 2000-37
The IRS issued Revenue Procedure 2000-37 that allows a real estate investor to structure a parking arrangement whereby an Exchange Accommodation Titleholder can acquire and hold or "park" title to either the the real estate investor's relinquished property or replacement property in order to buy enough time to sell the existing relinquished property … (2 comments)

reverse exchange: Why Would You Use a Reverse 1031 Exchange? - 05/31/08 02:31 PM
The real estate market has changed considerably over the last few years, even the last few months, with the residential real property market getting especially hit hard.  And, with the commercial real estate market beginning to show signs of weakness, the investor must rethink his or her strategy when it comes to investing in rental properties or investment properties. 
The amount of real property inventory on the market has increased significantly because properties are taking much longer to sell.  There has also been a significant increase in the number of foreclosure, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure and short sale transactions with bankrupcties right … (0 comments)

reverse exchange: Does a True Reverse Exchange Qualify? - 05/31/08 01:53 PM
First, what is a "true reverse exchange?" 
Reverse Exchange
The reverse exchange allows a real estate investor to acquire his or her like-kind replacement property first and then subsequently dispose of (sell) his or her relinquished property later provided he or she comply with the specific 1031 exchange deadlines. 
True Reverse Exchange
A true reverse exchange refers to a transaction that is structured such that the real estate investor would acquire and actually take title to the desired like-kind replacement property.  This would result in the real estate investor owning both the relinquished property that has not been sold yet at … (0 comments)