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Don’t you get frustrated when you see your potential dream home in a homefinding guide or online but when you contact the agent, they inform you “Unfortunately, that house is already under contract…but I know another house I could show you that may be what you’re looking for”? Some homebuyers see...
It would be a challenge to find a recent national television newscast that doesn’t have a segment that focuses on or references the current housing market. As the President of the Huntington Board of REALTORS®, I answer questions about our real estate market on a regular basis. I get questions ab...
I received great responses from agents about adding video to their marketing.  Does it work?  The last month we had our Advanced Access site (8/2007) we got about 60,000 hits.  Our new site is video driven and we average 600,000 hits monthly!  Check it out at www.prudentialbunch.com. 
In 2002, the only choice for movie theaters were the same ones that existed from my childhood in the 1970's & 1980's.  When they started the rollout of Pullman Square and the new Marquee Cinema complex, I couldn't believe how many people made negative comments that it didn't make sense to build t...
Lieutenants Hank Dial and Mike Albers were promoted to captains within the Huntington Police Department.  I've known Hank and Mike for years.  Hank and I used to work together at Stewart's Original Hot Dogs in the '80's.  Mike and I have known each other since we went to Meadows Elementary waaay ...
I just read an article that 11.5 BILLION videos were viewed on the internet in March 2008 alone.  Nationally, more and more stories are covering the effect of video in real estate.  It's definitely the next wave in real estate.  If you check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOqx_sEJtGc you can see ...
Huntington has received the power to request to levy a one percent "occupation tax" on income.  I've talked to more than one person who has commented it's just another way to drive people out of the city.  Hopefully, I can clarify the situation. Huntington would repeal the much-hated "user fee" a...
I've commented previously about the western West Virginia, southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky region covered by the Huntington MLS weathering the housing market storm very well with a 7% increase in number of residential sales in 2007 as compared in 2006.  Well, we finally hit a speed bump as the...
It seems the public gets an earful when it comes to some of our area's challenges (i.e. the crime rate, lack of cultural activities and road conditions).  While it's true, we don't have an NBA team or a drug-free city, our conditions need to be compared to other markets for a clearer picture.  Fo...
Within the next 4-8 weeks, construction should begin on a new Towneplace Suites by Marriott hotel here in Huntington, WV.  It's the latest addition to the city's Kinetic Park area.  Many insiders were expecting the H&W Hotel Brokerage to build a Fairfield Inn in the location off of the Hal Greer ...

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