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The idiots that spew hatred wherever they go, better known as the Westboro Baptist Church, are on there way to Joplin this Sunday to celebrate the deaths of over 126 people as a judgement from God. Please note that despite what they claim these people are not Christian in any way. The word Christ...
What a day yesterday. I had a bad feeling about the day and stayed home from church last night. I really thought that my home in Carl Junction was in the most danger and listened to local radio and scanners from the my deck. Little did I know that it would miss us and I'd spend most of last eveni...
I got the following in an email from Senator Claire McCaskill today. Following that is my response to her email.     Dear Walter, There is more hot air around the United States Capitol about deficit reduction than about any other topic right now. If we cannot end subsidies to the five most profit...
I thought it was bad a week or so when I saw an article that said kids were being handed Spring Spheres or something like that rather than Easter eggs for Easter. This week I'm in Austin and I saw a crawl saying that some are proposing that we stop calling our pets, pets, because it somehow hurts...
Wise words from a minister that I really enjoy listening to on the radio. He's no longer with us but his words still ring true. "You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for w...

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