carl junction: Briarbrook Rezoning Proposal - 10/25/11 02:25 AM
We had a great turnout for the Planning and Zoning meeting last night. I wish we saw even a fraction of this sort of turnout for everything that impacts the city. Unfortunately we just didn't have enough room for every one that wanted to be in the meeting so it was decided that we wouldn't take any action on the proposed rezoning last night but would see if we could make arrangements to hold a meeting at the school auditorium so everyone that's interested can hear and be heard.
I did want to take a moment to give the preface to … (0 comments)

carl junction: Rising Energy Costs, Don't Blame the Utility - 08/20/11 10:53 AM
I was just reading an article on the reasoning for increases in electric rates starting in January ( This isn't the only utility that will be raising your rates due to unfunded mandates handed down from the all powerful Federal Government without any input from your elected officials. Expect your water and sewer rates to go up as well. Federal and State mandates on utilities are driving up consumer costs to force you to lower your standard of living. The City of Carl Junction is about to have to spend millions of dollars on a waste water plant expansion and upgrade, … (1 comments)

carl junction: 147 Gum Road Carl Junction - 04/28/11 08:54 AM

carl junction: Carl Junction Election Tomorrow - 04/04/11 10:17 AM
Just a short note reminding you to go out an vote tomorrow. There is no greater way to be involved in the betterment of your community than to vote on election day. Please take the time tomorrow to vote. I'm hoping that you'll vote for Mike Moss for Mayor and in Ward 2 please vote for Walter Hayes. Even if you'd rather our opponents though please go out and vote. It's important! Make it a priority.
Wards 1 & 2 - vote at the Carl Junction Christian Church on Hodge
Wards 3 & 4 - vote at Carl Junction 1st Assembly … (1 comments)

carl junction: Carl Junction Mayor's Race this Year - 03/30/11 05:51 AM
For what it's worth I wanted to weigh in on this year's Mayor's race. You have a choice this year between Randy Karst and Mike Moss who is the incumbent. I'm urging you to vote for Mike Moss this coming Tuesday so we can keep moving Carl Junction forward. Mike has proven himself to be a good Mayor who handles his duties as Mayor with the best interest of the entire city of Carl Junction in mind.
Mike's opponent in a recent Joplin Globe artice and according to his website says that he wants to open up the Council Meeting for … (0 comments)

carl junction: 3421 Fountain Rd - 03/24/11 09:01 AM

carl junction: A Letter to the Residents of Ward 2 in Carl Junction - 01/20/11 08:09 AM
January 20th, 2011
Dear Ward 2 Resident:
The people of Ward 2 have allowed me to serve as an Alderman in Carl Junction since 2003 and for that I thank you. This year is the first time someone has put their name forward in addition to my own so you will have a choice in whom you select for Alderman in the election on April 5th.
Since taking office in 2003 we have accomplished many things in Carl Junction.  We have been very proud, as a council and your city staff, of the fact that while constantly seeking to improve … (0 comments)

carl junction: Carl Junction MO Market Wrap Up for 2010 - 01/10/11 10:02 AM
The real estate market in Carl Junction has been the driving factor in the City's ability to continue to decrease the property tax levy from 2000 through 2008 while at the same time spending on the order of 6 million dollars to build a new Police Department and City Court building then most recently the new Community Center and City Hall. In that same time the city has spent 100s of thousands of dollars in improvements to the parks, streets, water and wastewater systems.
The market has taken a hit the last 3 years in particular however. As the graph below … (0 comments)

carl junction: Smoking Bans - 11/09/10 04:57 AM
The Carl Junction has had a presentaion made on banning smoking in certain places where the public may encounter second hand smoke and for that matter workers in those establishments as well. I know Joplin has struggled with this and I believe intends to put something on the April ballot concerning this. Unfortunately, putting something like this on a ballot doesn't ensure that the rights of all are protected.
I could not personally, vote for a ban on smoking even though I certainly prefer being in places that have no smoking. The argument when it comes to smoking bans is directed … (0 comments)

carl junction: City Purchase of 95 Acres in Briarbrook - 11/05/10 09:31 AM
I got a little irritated at the Carl Junction City Council meeting this week concerning this subject and I wanted to take a moment to explain myself. I don't have an issue with people disagreeing with the City purchasing this property. In fact I'd be astonished if there wasn't some opposition to it. What I have a real problem with is how a small group of the same people have repeatedly distorted facts to try to win people to their side of the debate. I stated this twice Tuesday night and I'll state it again here. There has never been a … (0 comments)

carl junction: 408 Rustic Ridge Carl Junction MO - Ruestman Heights Subdivision - 10/11/10 02:29 AM

carl junction: 408 Rustic Ridge Carl Junction MO - 09/19/10 02:50 PM

carl junction: 512 Walton Ave. Carl Junction MO - 09/09/10 03:24 PM

carl junction: A Comprehensive Plan for Carl Junction - 07/24/10 02:56 AM
I've been chairing the Long Range Planning Committee that has been working on a new Comprehensive Plan for about a year now. At a joint meeting with Planning and Zoning a little over a week ago I talked some about what I hoped the plan would look like when we're done. Well I can give you more insight into what I hope we have when we're done now. Not because I have more specific to Carl Junction yet but because I made a trip back to my child hood home town of Gonzales LA. Ascension Parish has been working on a … (0 comments)

carl junction: My America Why I Love Her - 07/02/10 11:30 AM
I needed to find something patriotic to do in concerts for the Southern Gospel Group I'm with. I got to hunting around and found something that John Wayne recorded back in the seventies. It does a pretty good job of summing it up.  I don't know who the actual author as I don't think it was Wayne. I use America the Beautiful as the backdrop to this. Its a good message for the Independence celebration this July 4th weekend.
You ask me Why I Love Her? Well, give me time and I'll explain.
Have you seen a Kansas sunset … (6 comments)

carl junction: A Favorite Quote for the Day - June 18th 2010 - 06/19/10 03:48 PM
Some think it odd, even real estate agents, that I'm so passionate about things. To all of them I offer the following:
It's easier to settle for average than strive for achievement. It's easier to be saturated with complacency than stirred with compassion. It's easier to be skeptical than successful. It's easier to question than to conquer. It's easier to rationalize your disappointments than realize your dreams. It's easier to belch the baloney than bring home the bacon. Author Unknown
I may be passionate about my God, my politics, my profession and my family but that's because there is no grey … (2 comments)

carl junction: Carl Junction MO Real Estate Statistics for the First 5 months of 2010 - 06/07/10 05:30 PM
Carl Junction MO Real Estate Statistics for the First 5 months of 2010
Through the first five months of 2010 ther have been a total of 68 homes sold in Carl Junction. This is an increase of 60 homes sold during the same period of 2009 or an increase of 13.33%
The average sales price of homes that closed in the first 5 months of 2009 was $124,751. The average sales price of homes that closed in the first 5 months of 2010 was $142,847. This is an increase of 14.51% which mostly is the result, I believe of the uptick … (1 comments)

carl junction: You've Come A Long Way Carl Junction - 06/04/10 12:37 PM
The evening of May 4th 2003 is an evening that those of us that lived here then will not soon forget. I had just been elected to the Board of Alderman on April 1st and my very first council meeting had been on April 15th. A whole 19 days to get into the role of alderman and it hit. On Sunday evening weather spotters reported a funnel in western Cherokee County. The first observable damage was observed to the north of Melrose. One death occurred south of Columbus, where the tornado produced some F2 damage to several structures. It widened and … (0 comments)

carl junction: Petition to have State Audit of Carl Junction - 05/23/10 02:36 PM
I haven't heard much lately about this so I don't know how hard the petition to have the city is being pushed out there. No one's asked me to sign and I haven't seen anyone out looking for signatures. Just the same I decided to do a little research when told I had my facts wrong about what the audit would entail. I was in deed wrong in assuming it would cover only the same ground that we already do when having an audit. They do look at other things but so far about 90% of every audit report I've read … (0 comments)

carl junction: Thank You - 05/22/10 12:08 PM
Thanks you to all those that turned out this morning for the Long Range Planning Committee Meeting. It may seem sometimes like the city isn't listening to you but we really do listen and we really want your input. With your help here are just a few things that we've seen accomplished since 2003 when I joined the council. Not all of these things even had anything to do directly with the City but they all came from your ideas.
Community Center and new Senior Center Sidewalks Approximately 100 new rental properties New police department and court room Walking trails Increase … (0 comments)

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