arizona real estate: Gilbert Real Estate - 03/07/11 12:27 PM
So our owner, Dave Dion puts out this contest to see who can come up with the top spot on google for Gilbert Real Estate. Really? I live in Gilbert. I sell Gilbert Real Estate. I live on Gilbert Real Estate and yet, I am not already on the top of Gilbert Real Estate in the search terms? Sheese.
So, it just so happens that I have been on top of the pile of Arizona Horse Property on google for about six years. I have "changed" some things on my fact, I have changed EVERYTHING on my site for the … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: The Truth About Real Estate in Arizona and Potential Brain Activity! - 09/27/09 02:58 AM
By Michelle Shelton, Professional REALTOR® & CEO of AZ Mastermind Group, LLC We have all heard that we only use 10% of our brains. You can read various writings online by Benjamin Radford where he refers to Dr. Barry Beyerstein's research disputing this. Okay, so, maybe it would be more accurate to say that some REALTORS® only engage 10% of their brain when they are supposed to be educating their clients. Either are obviously using much more of your brain than either of these two. How do we know that? Because you are here of course! It is proven that … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: WANTED: Your home to sell in Arizona! Watch our video! - 05/21/09 08:43 AM
Okay so I know there must be a way to set the photo on the front of a video so it doesn't
look like I just had a this is what it is~

arizona real estate: Does your Real Estate Agent have the 5 Essential Ingredients for True Success?
by Michelle Shelton
 - 11/17/08 02:10 PM
Does your Real Estate Agent have the 5 Essential Ingredients for True Success? by Michelle Shelton
Skill in sales is only a small piece of the pie. 
It really takes five key ingredients to find a truly successful person in any industry, especially real estate. Why? Because it is most people’s largest asset and they are paying an agent a lot of money to use great care and skill in selling their home. 
Skill is the first key ingredient. Skill is completing all the necessary documents in a timely manner and providing the sellers with an education on the process … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: How would you like to go to a seminar and get 7 years worth of personal growth? - 11/16/08 12:46 PM
Last year in October my husband and I attended a seminar and it certainly has changed our life and perspective. With everything that is going on in the real estate market, the attitudes are very negative. The first seminar we went to was an awareness seminar. I liked husband LOVED it. He was quickly registering for the advanced seminar and me, not wanting to be left out....joined him. It was the best seven days of my life for sure...and I have had some pretty good days. 
There was an activity in the Basic Seminar held in Scottsdale that was life … (4 comments)

arizona real estate: Why should you commit to one Real Estate Agent? - 02/28/08 05:27 AM
Why should you commit to one Real Estate Agent? By Michelle Shelton, REALTOR, CNE, MARKETING EXPERT, Owner AZ Mastermind Group
Buyer Broker Agreement?  What's that? Most agents don't ask their potential buyers to sign anything.  It is know...uncomfortable. Hmmmmmmm.
A professional is viewed as a professional for a reason. They value their own time and energy as well as their clients. Of all the paperwork required, I often wonder why the Buyer Broker Agreement isn't one of them. 
Personally, I take anywhere from 20 to 50 phone calls per day from my listing signs.  Most of these individuals do not have … (3 comments)

arizona real estate: The line in the sand. Are you a professional or wimp? - 02/28/08 05:23 AM
The line in the sand. Are you a professional or wimp?By Michelle Shelton, REALTOR, CNE, Marketing SpecialistIn Arizona, today's market can be tough for agents. Dealing with unrealistic sellers is not always easy. The top agents have figured this out.
You have to be tough in your listing presentation about pricing their home so it will sell. With short-sales, foreclosures and bank owned property, the prices are being driven down fast, really fast.
Every day your seller doesn't have a showing, they are losing money and so are you.
The tendency is to go ahead, meet the seller half way, and at … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: Are you working with a REAL Ah Tor? Something to ponder. - 02/16/08 11:26 AM

You say tomato, and the public will say tomato.By Michelle Shelton, REALTOR
I was out with my daughter last weekend and we popped by a few OPEN HOUSES along our way.
As I walked into the first OPEN HOUSE, the guy said, "Do you have a REAL AH Tor you are working with?"
"Well. I am a REAL TOR." I stated.
"Oh. Okay...just walk around then." He said. There was no further discussion. He got on his cell phone and ignored us the rest of the time.
The next house the woman was a little mouse. She followed us around and offered us food … (7 comments)

arizona real estate: Why aren't these properties selling? I will tell you why.... - 02/16/08 09:37 AM
Sell your home in Arizona - Arizona Real EstateBy Michelle Shelton, Realtor, AZ Mastermind Group
It's all about a mind shift. The sellers have been in a position of power for the last several years. They could, name their price and get it. Now the tides have changed.
With more and more listings on the market every day. The sellers now find themselves in a position of weakness in more ways than one. In order to sell their home is is our job to educate, guide, and encourage them that selecting the right agent is NOT about price. The buyers determine the … (2 comments)

arizona real estate: Why not have several realtors looking for your home? - 05/16/07 07:53 AM

arizona real estate: Home Inspections in Arizona by Michelle Shelton - 05/16/07 07:09 AM

arizona real estate: You might get that price when "you know what" freezes over! - 05/16/07 07:07 AM
You MIGHT get that price.....when YOU KNOW WHAT.... FREEZES OVER!By Michelle Shelton, REALTOR, Certified Negotiations Expert

Comps or comparables are easy enough to pull from the MLS...any REALTOR can do it. They might even call it a market analysis. Any REALTOR can use a computer to pull properties. Heck, even your title rep can do "comps". A true market analysis is explained to you by a competent and knowledgeable professional. A professional will guide you through an evaluation of what the market is currently doing. They will be able to dicypher the information and what is really going on in your … (0 comments)

arizona real estate: What does "Agency" in AZ Real Estate mean to you? - 05/16/07 07:03 AM

arizona real estate: Lowe's and the "f" word...check it out! - 02/24/07 03:41 PM
Would you like to co-market with Lowe's Home Improvement?
This is through Realtor benefits. I'ts a great program that allows you to log in and enter your information, upload your photo and your database and then Lowe's will send out various marketing coupons and DVD's to your clients...absolutely FREE. That's right...the "f" word. FREE. I couldn't believe it when I first started using this system. It is really cool. Not to mention when I set it up, my clients were calling me and saying, "WOW, thanks for the stuff from Lowe's." Of course my reply was..."oh that little know we co-market with Lowe's … (12 comments)

arizona real estate: BEWARE OF THE BAIT AND SWITCH MARKETING! - 01/29/07 03:28 PM

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