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Michelle Shelton has many ahhas and she shares them here with you! Please stop by and see what she has going on because I guarantee she always has something going on!
  In business there are lots of necessary details that make a good experience. As much as paperwork is not liked by most people....especially LEGAL PAPERWORK, it is a HUGE part of the process you are taken through with AZ Mastermind Group. It can be boring. It is our goal to help you have as muc...
Shame on you! You wern't really thinking we were talking about something else here, were you? Of course not! The "F" word is one of our favorite words! Most likely you stopped by this page because you love the "F" word as much as we do....FREE Resources are the best.......don't beleive what they ...
What is the difference between a REALTOR® and a real estate team? A single REALTOR® typically is a salesperson. They own their job. They market and sell a house and then market again and sell another house. They are one person wearing many hats. It is a difficult job to do well by yourself. Imagi...
I actually posted this as a comment to the last blog post and realized it was pretty powerful and I should share it...so read my last blog post first! I know Mary mentioned fear of heights and falling. The program I went through had a facilitator at the bottom of the pole and he said there were 3...
Well folks, it's me. I am standing on top of a 50 foot pole in Northern Cali. My husband and I went through a series of personal growth in the last year and this one was a big one for me. I was able to overcome my fear of heights that I have had ever since I can remember. So, I post it here as a ...
Hi folks! I found this on Youtube and thought it was so funny. It is Gary Keller's take on leads generation for sure. Enjoy! Michelle
A couple of weeks ago I released sort of a trial version of the KW toolbar and associates are loading it faster that I expected! Everyone seems to love it and it is not even completely done. It is a living toolbar so if you have loaded it and your favorite site or tool is missing, all you have to...
Go to www.boldtalent.com It takes seconds to install and every resource offered by KW is on this toolbar right at the top of your computer screen. Works with Mozilla and IE.  Easy to uninstall if you don't like it. Personally, I love it!  
Have you ever been amazed at all the "stuff" kw.com offers? Everytime I turn around they have another website or I get a discount on something. When I went in to get my verizon wireless card they guy said it was a couple hundred bucks or something and I said, what about my employee discount throu...
Does your Real Estate Agent have the 5 Essential Ingredients for True Success? by Michelle Shelton Skill in sales is only a small piece of the pie.  It really takes five key ingredients to find a truly successful person in any industry, especially real estate. Why? Because it is most people’s la...


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Michelle Shelton has many ahhas and she shares them here with you! Please stop by and see what she has going on because I guarantee she always has something going on!