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Michelle Shelton has many ahhas and she shares them here with you! Please stop by and see what she has going on because I guarantee she always has something going on!
WHAT ABOUT INSPECTING MY HOME?The inspection process is when you, the buyer, have the right to check your potential new home over throughly. You will want a qualified inspector to check your home out from top to bottom. There are many things in a home that can go wrong. Some things of which the s...
You MIGHT get that price.....when YOU KNOW WHAT.... FREEZES OVER!By Michelle Shelton, REALTOR, Certified Negotiations Expert  Comps or comparables are easy enough to pull from the MLS...any REALTOR can do it. They might even call it a market analysis. Any REALTOR can use a computer to pull proper...
What is Agency?What does "Agency" in Real Estate mean to YOU?By Michelle Shelton, REALTOR You are ready to purchase a new home and you start looking on the web and driving neighborhoods. You talk to one REALTOR after another on the phone and they all ask the same question, "Are you working with a...
Did you get the Hidden Business Coaching Message in Finding Nemo? By Michelle Shelton, REALTORIn the movie, Finding Nemo, Nemo's father, Marlyn asks the sea turtle, "Dude, how do you know when they are ready?" This is an interesting question that many mentors  would like to know. How DO you know ...
Okay, I am whacked! You can find me at the office night and day. It is simply not healthy. Of course our team is thriving in a down market - still! I want a life! My husband calls me the plate spinner. You know, the guy at the Circus that can work magic with plates and sticks. He has several of t...
For the last couple of years I have taken my laptop with me nearly everywhere. I researched and found a way to have Internet access in almost every nook and cranny of the country. It is a wireless card that fits into my pc. The best one in my opinion is through Verizon Wireless. What makes it the...
Would you like to co-market with Lowe's Home Improvement?This is through Realtor benefits. I'ts a great program that allows you to log in and enter your information, upload your photo and your database and then Lowe's will send out various marketing coupons and DVD's to your clients...absolutely ...
If You are Saying this One Little Phrase When You Speak to Clients, You Could Potentially Scare Them Away!- By Michelle Shelton, Arizona REALTORHow many times when you are talking to a company representative about your specific service needs, do you hear the constant response, "No problem"? A bet...
How can this one little document change your business for the better? Find out in 30 seconds.By Michelle SheltonBuyer Broker Agreement?  What's that? Most agents don't ask their potential buyers to sign anything.  It is too...well...you know...uncomfortable. Hmmmmmmm. A professional is viewed as ...
The Family Reunion was well worth my time. I saw a lot of my counterparts attend and yet spend the entire week at the gambling tables...did anyone else experience this? I think they do a great disservice holding the reunion in Vegas...maybe that is why next year it will be in Atlanta...your thoug...


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Michelle Shelton has many ahhas and she shares them here with you! Please stop by and see what she has going on because I guarantee she always has something going on!