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If you are in the process of becoming pre-approved to purchase a home, you’ve probably starting hearing the words “debt-to-income ratio” being tossed around. Along with your credit score, your debt-to-income ratios are one of the main factors which determine your home loan pre-approval. When a bo...
How great would it be to go out to a restaraunt to eat, know your food is healthy, and even where it came from? This is exactly what you get at The Daily in Carytown|Richmond, VA. They source organic and fresh items to make their dishes.  I was recently there for breakfast and not only did it tas...
Have you made plans yet to check out fireworks in Richmond, VA, this 4th of July?  I actually haven’t checked out the fireworks in a few years since I have a two and a half year old and I am worried she may be a little afraid of the noise.  I would also prefer to put her to bed early on most nigh...
I’m excited to announce that at First Home Mortgage in Richmond, VA, we have added an 80-15-5 mortgage loan to our other piggyback loan products.  This product is a great option for borrowers looking to avoid private mortgage insurance or keep their loan amounts under conforming limits as jumbo m...
Do you ever find the perfect fish, chicken, or beef recipe on Pinterest and then have trouble coordinating a side with it?  Personally, I think it should be the duty of every food blogger to suggest a side or two to compliment their protein recipes, but sometimes they slack on us.  When I’m left...
I was driving yesterday and happened to catch sight of this odd shaped cloud. Like I said, I was driving so the pictures aren't the best...and enters the telephone pole in the middle of the photo. Hopefully you can at least make out the shape. I've never seen a cloud like this, so I had to share!
My husband was on the Eastern Shore of Virginia last weekend playing golf at Bay Creek. It is a very remote area that is beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing. Every night I've seen the sunset there it is gorgeous. There are always new new colors strewed across the sky and each sunset is a new master...

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