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Hi All, Friday should have been a great day.  It really should have been.  Not just for me but for my client and also for another agent and their client's as well.  But it wasn't and here's why.  I took a listing for a condo in Ontario, CA in February 2008.  It was, is, and remains a Short Sale. ...
Hi All, When we first start out in Real Estate, or pretty much any other "sales" type of endeavor for that matter, one of the places we are all told to go forth and mine for business is our "sphere of influence".  That loosely translates to your friends, co-workers, family and basically any other...
Hi All, I closed another transaction yesterday and I awoke this morning with that Scarlett O'Hara morning after glow about me.  After a languid stretch and a considerable amount of humming to myself I sauntered into my living room only to find that my cellphone had already been far busier this A....
Hi All, I am currently sitting in my living room spitting nails and stewing in my own juices.  Why you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you... I have been working a short sale listing for almost 1 year (yes, you read that right... almost 1 year).  I have shown the lender's enough facts and figures to ch...
Hi All, In case you didn't notice, its been rather quiet here on the Claremont front and I am quite certain that some folks thought I dropped off the face of the earth.  I am equally certain that there are a few folks out there who hoped that was the case... To the first group I say "I didn't" an...
Hi All, One of the first acronyms I learned within days, practically within hours of entering the Blogging arena was SEO.  Search Engine Optimization was said (or rather typed) with a respect bordering upon reverence.  Having your presence in the Internet being noticed and noted by Google, Yahoo ...
Hi All, Don'cha hate this, you get a call from a client wanting to see a home (well I don't hate that part :-).  Naturally, the home they most want to see is the one that is listed as "appointment only, no key safe", so I dutifully called the listing agent at all 4 given numbers (by the way, as o...
Hi All, I entitled this post "Welcome To The 20th Century" for a reason, its because I can't believe how many agents I run across who are still firmly mired in the functional equivalent of the 19th, the fax machine.  Come on folks, fax machines were cutting edge technology and truly have revoluti...
Hi All, Recently I was in San Francisco (along with around 1000 or so of my friends) for the wonderful Active Rain party, the awesome Zillow Beer With Bloggers, the killer Trulia open house, oh, and a crazy little thing called Inman Connect.  So, after spending time filling my brain with technolo...
Hi All, Well, we are well past the original deadline for submissions for the contest that Renae Bolton started and I for one have been sitting on pins and needles wondering who won... the contest that is. We have all won because of it. I must admit that some of the ideas shared were indeed a brea...

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