california: A Year Late and $60,000 Short... Or How To Try To Close A Short Sale in Only 548 Days! - 07/09/09 04:15 PM
Hi All,
Friday should have been a great day.  It really should have been.  Not just for me but for my client and also for another agent and their client's as well.  But it wasn't and here's why.  I took a listing for a condo in Ontario, CA in February 2008.  It was, is, and remains a Short Sale. And it is getting "shorter" by the minute. 
A brief recap for those who don't remember my speaking about this transaction before.  (And really, why would you since I started babbling about it when Barack Obama was still just a Senator from … (13 comments)

california: With Friends Like These... Or Why You Sometimes Help The Most, Those You Help The Least - 07/09/09 03:41 PM
Hi All,
When we first start out in Real Estate, or pretty much any other "sales" type of endeavor for that matter, one of the places we are all told to go forth and mine for business is our "sphere of influence".  That loosely translates to your friends, co-workers, family and basically any other poor slob who happens to have had the misfortune of having given you an email address or phone number in the last 10 years.  And, most of us do just that, we gleefully set off with our shiny new license (or in my case my folded, spindled … (6 comments)

california: Its The First Time EVERY Time In A Real Estate Transaction... But Should It Be? - 03/12/09 10:24 PM
Hi All,
I closed another transaction yesterday and I awoke this morning with that Scarlett O'Hara morning after glow about me.  After a languid stretch and a considerable amount of humming to myself I sauntered into my living room only to find that my cellphone had already been far busier this A.M. than I had. 
Upon checking my voice mail I heard the harried voice of my Escrow officer admonishing me to check my email urgently as there was a document that she claimed my client had neglected to sign and without it they were not going to disperse my funds.  … (27 comments)

california: It's Crunch Time... Agents - Get In The Game or Get off The Field! - 01/23/09 06:44 PM
Hi All,
I am currently sitting in my living room spitting nails and stewing in my own juices.  Why you may ask?  Well, I'll tell you... I have been working a short sale listing for almost 1 year (yes, you read that right... almost 1 year).  I have shown the lender's enough facts and figures to choke a whole herd of elephants... I have begged, pleaded, cajoled, promised, wheedled and even threatened them to try to keep reality in the picture and this deal alive to help my client.  I was even on the phone (though I was barely able to … (10 comments)

california: The Downside To Having Good SEO... - 08/27/08 06:04 PM
Hi All,
One of the first acronyms I learned within days, practically within hours of entering the Blogging arena was SEO.  Search Engine Optimization was said (or rather typed) with a respect bordering upon reverence.  Having your presence in the Internet being noticed and noted by Google, Yahoo et al was considered the be-all and end-all of everything.  Well, today I learned why that may not be such a good thing...
I got a phone call from a very nice lady in another state who had found me on the Internet when she did a search looking for help with a … (13 comments)

california: And Then Glinda Asked... "Are You A "Listing" Agent Or A Selling Agent?" - 08/25/08 05:28 PM
Hi All,
Don'cha hate this, you get a call from a client wanting to see a home (well I don't hate that part :-).  Naturally, the home they most want to see is the one that is listed as "appointment only, no key safe", so I dutifully called the listing agent at all 4 given numbers (by the way, as of now, 10:08 PM, the following day, I have yet to receive a call back) and left messages asking to view the home.
The property is a Short Sale and has been on the market for 230 days... so far.  Well, … (12 comments)

california: No Matter Who You Are Its Still All About Location, Location, Location... - 08/22/08 07:56 PM
Hi All,
Recently I was in San Francisco (along with around 1000 or so of my friends) for the wonderful Active Rain party, the awesome Zillow Beer With Bloggers, the killer Trulia open house, oh, and a crazy little thing called Inman Connect. 
So, after spending time filling my brain with technology tidbits I took a little cruise down to Pier 39, the famous Fisherman's Wharf to inhale the sea air, crack a crab and gaze in fixated fascination at Alcatraz, when I came upon some Sea Lions who appeared to be there to do the self same thing (imagine that … (15 comments)

california: Summer Unique Marketing Contest So Who Won? - 08/22/08 07:35 PM
Hi All,
Well, we are well past the original deadline for submissions for the contest that Renae Bolton started and I for one have been sitting on pins and needles wondering who won... the contest that is. We have all won because of it.
I must admit that some of the ideas shared were indeed a breath of fresh air and just participating got my little juices flowing. I am looking forward to seeing the results.
Although how someone could ever judge all these terrific ideas against each other I'll never know. I am just glad I don't have to do … (16 comments)

california: How The Grinch Stole The Kitchen... - 08/19/08 04:57 PM
Hi All,
Every buyer in Rancho, the tall and the small just wanted to get the best house deal of all.  The market was hot, there was no end in sight, so they borrowed the money (who cares if its right).  They spent every penny with nary a thought, but when the bottom dropped out a lot were just caught.
Their ARM's were adjusting (but their legs stayed the same) and it wouldn't be long 'til they were out of the game. 
The bills just kept coming, soon they got well behind, then the sheriff came looking the owner to find.  … (17 comments)

california: Forget Who Moved My Cheese... Who Stole My Sign? - 08/13/08 07:17 PM
Hi All,
Lately I have been spending a considerable amount of time shepherding buyer's from home to home in search of their perfect place.  And lately, most of what we are visiting is either a Short Sale or a Bank Owned Home. 
I have seen more than a few homes which have had things missing, faucets in the kitchen, light fixtures in the hall, a built-in bookcase, etc.  Usually I have chalked this up to overzealous homeowners taking what they felt was "rightly" theirs.
But I have also begun to encounter something which is distressing, dismaying and downright depressing.  The keys … (90 comments)

california: "Were They Be Hero's"... An Internet Cautionary Tale... - 08/12/08 06:25 PM
Hi All,
The Internet is a bad thing. A very, very bad thing.
Since the advent of email communication the opportunity to make a fool of yourself, has now expanded to a global scale.
Case in point: I was reading a national magazine recently and came upon a story that demanded my rebuttal. It was late when I found the article, later when I read it, and later still when I was inspired to compose my opus.
I searched for the email address of the editor to send this epistle as rapidly as possible, lest delay defuse its impact. With dreams … (14 comments)

california: Seller's Its Time To Cash Your Reality Check... And Your Agent Needs To Write It - 08/10/08 11:58 AM
Hi All,
This is a rant.... this is only a rant... please do not adjust your viewer but take this in the spirit intended...
Picture this... We are out for a day of property viewing and shockingly most of what we are looking at is in some form of distress.  So what this means to me is that these properties, and in the case of Short Sales, these owner's have a level of urgency attached to the outcome of these transactions somewhere in the magnitude 20 range on the Richter Scale.  But do they?  Are they behaving like they do?  Nope, not one bit … (11 comments)

california: Are Your Client's Suffering From "Helpful Friend Syndrome"? - 08/01/08 05:26 PM
Hi All,
Today I want to call your attention to a plague sweeping our Nation.  A woefully underdiagnosed ailment striking down innocent folks somewhere every minute of every day, "Helpful Friend Syndrome".  Helpful Friend Syndrome (or HFS) can strike anyone, anywhere at anytime and it is not limited to folks looking to enter the Real Estate market, it can strike folks considering a job change, involved in a romantic relationship or contemplating any major life decision. 
HFS seems harmless enough, but let me assure you that this can be a killer.  One of the first symptoms of HFS is auditory, you … (9 comments)

california: All Babies Are Beautiful... But What If The Baby's Ugly? - 07/29/08 06:19 PM
Hi All,
Let's face it, if we were all given our druthers, there is not a one of us that wouldn't love to always have the most beautiful listing on the block.  And sometimes we do, sometimes the baby is beautiful... but sometimes, sometimes that baby is butt ugly, then what do you do? 
Well I don't know about you, but this one seems to be a no-brainer to me.  I believe in truth in advertising, I believe that honesty is the best policy and I believe that there is someone for everyone (which explains my ability to marry :-).  There … (19 comments)

california: Are You Suffering From Blogger's Block? - 07/21/08 06:47 PM
Hi All,
As some of you may have noticed, I had been a little quiet of late... try about four months or so.  For one who had hitherto-fore been among the most prolific and long winded, for me to go silent was quite some feat.  I know you may not believe it but I was suffering from "Blogger's Block".  I knew where I caught it, but up until recently I had not the foggiest notion how to cure it. 
Oh sure, I tried, in fact my admin was littered with the fits and starts of tounge tied, fumbling fingered, humor impaired … (6 comments)

california: 'Twas The Night Before Inman... - 07/21/08 06:06 PM
Twas the night before Inman and all through the house, not a creature was sleeping, not even my spouse. 
The suitcases were standing right next to the door, and the clothes they were scattered all over the floor.
The hotel reservations all had been made, and the credit card bills had even been paid!
The Pruis was gassed and the snacks were all stowed, the tires were filled (and my legs had been mowed).
When all of a sudden my cellphone chimed, a brand new buyer was there on the line.
He's prequaled to four or even four ten and he … (3 comments)

california: The Short Sale Soap Box or What I Think Everyone NEEDS To Know... - 07/20/08 11:03 AM
Hi All,
This one is a little long-winded, so grab some snacks, settle into a comfortable chair and let's go...
I think I am safe in saying that I am RAPIDLY becoming something of an expert on the intricacies of the Short Sale.  I have now successfully handled Short Sale transactions from both sides of the table and am fielding calls from my other agent friends on what to do and how to do it where their transactions are concerned.
There is a whole lot of misinformation out there where these deals are concerned, and a whole lot of people are getting frustrated, angry … (8 comments)

california: My Dirty Little Secret... Confession Time... - 07/19/08 02:25 PM
Hi All,
I have been hiding something from everyone for a very long time and I finally feel secure enough (read that guilty) to come clean... to out myself... to confess... my dirty little secret...
This is something I have not wanted ANYONE to know and, in fact, I think I have hidden it quite well.  Heck, until I finally shared it with my husband even he HAD NO IDEA. 
So, here it is (heavy sigh, deep breath, eyes cast down in supplication...) I am a Realtor and I HATE looking at houses! 
And by that I mean loathe, abominate, and … (14 comments)

california: Tisza On The Radio 3/10/08 12 noon PST Talking About Short Sales - 03/09/08 06:14 PM
Hi All,
I am very pleased to announce that I will be a guest on the Exeter Exchange Services Internet Radio Show tomorrow ( (I always knew that I had a face for Radio :-), March 10, 2008 from 12 to 1 PM PST.  You can listen in to the show, call in or email with questions. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to share what I have learned and what has worked for me and my clients on both the buying and selling sides of the transactions.  Yes, Short Sales can be tricky, but they are not impossible … (2 comments)

california: OPEN HOUSE 3/9/08 Great Ontario 3bd/2.5ba Condo! - 03/08/08 05:36 PM
Hi All, I will be hosting an Open House on Sunday, 3/9/08 from 1 to 4 PM for my listing at 1065 Whittler's Lane, Ontario, CA (Mountain Avenue & Philadelphia cross streets). There will be refreshments (I am making wonderful double chocolate brownies). Come on by take a look and say hi. This home is listed at $240,000 and is a Short Sale. I hope to see you there and be sure to tell me you saw the listing on ActiveRain. Oh, and be sure to check out my blogsite To view a visual tour click the link Take care, … (1 comments)


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