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That's right, this is not a trick, it's a treat! Now is the best time to buy a home in the last 20+ years! What you say? But the market is down. You're right the market is down HOORAY! The price of homes is way down. How much farther down will they go? Well nobody really knows for sure, but in so...
I attended a talk on "Real Estate and the Economy" Thursday afternoon at my office. The presenter was Pat Stone with WFG National Title Insurance Company. Mr. Stone is the President and CEO of WFG and gave what I consider to be a very informed snapshot of today's market and how we got here. This...
After 10+ years of service and still going strong, I retired my faithful 32" Toshiba TV. I finally surrendered to temptation and entered the ranks of big flat screen users. I admit it was a tough decision, as I had a problem getting rid of something that still worked perfectly fine. But the push...
Of all the things we do in our day to day financial dealings, how we handle our credit has the deepest impact on our financial lives. Good, bad and ugly credit will affect many aspects of our financial health that are driven by that all powerful "Credit Score". Some effects are obvious and some ...


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