buying a home: When Buying A House-Face Reality - 03/22/16 10:08 PM

Many people have a mental picture of what they want their new home to look like when they buy. But their picture may not always match the reality of what they can buy.
If a buyer has the picture of an isolated cabin in the woods and moves to South Florida, reality will probable be difficult to deal with.
What are some of the Reality Factors a Buyer will need to work with?
There are 3 Main Factors that Buyers will need to deal with realistically:
1. Location
2. Price Point
3. Fit and Finish
Location can be a very important part of the selection process. Many times … (11 comments)

buying a home: Buying A House-With Less Stress - 12/15/15 08:46 PM
After listening to Real Estate Agents and from my own personal experiences with Home Buyers, I have concluded that there is far too much Stress in the process.
I Believe You Can Buy a House-With Less Stress.
I hear agents talking about showing a buyer 15-20 houses and then the buyer wants to change the area of town and the process starts all over again.
Here is a Check List that can help Agents and Home buyers reduce Stress:
1. As soon as possible, the agent and buyer should sit down face to face and talk about the process. This includes what you as an … (7 comments)

buying a home: DON'T BUY A HOUSE-LIKE DAD BOUGHT A GOAT - 07/29/14 07:48 AM
My dad was raised in a rural area and the family had several farm animals. He often told us about the goats they had and how they climbed on his new car and made a slide out of it. I guess over the years he forgot about the toll the goats had on his new car.
When I was in about 6th grade, Dad decided we needed to live on a farm. So he bought a place on one acre of land. He had a good spot for a nice garden and another area was … (100 comments)

buying a home: OUR TEAM CLOSED A SHORT SALE WITH VA LOAN IN 5 WEEKS - 04/13/14 08:11 AM

Many times as Professionals that deal with Real Estate transactions, we forget that there were others involved in bringing the sale to close.
This was a Short Sale:1. A homeowner came to the point where they could no longer make the payments on their loan. They had not gone into foreclosure by the bank, so asked 2. the bank to take less than the mortgage upon sale of the house. Getting to the point of selling a house that is a short sale can be a very lengthy process, … (13 comments)

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