florida real estate: Why I Went for Guinness World Record - 06/25/18 02:09 PM
Why would I drive 45 minutes at 6:30 in the morning to stand for hours in the hot sun at the beach???
It was June 21st, the First Day of Summer.
It was National Seashell Day.
The Lee County Vistitor and Convention Bureau,   does such a tremendous job of promoting our county and drawing visitors from all over the world.
To help give Lee County a bigger image in the eyes of the world, they decided that since we are the Seashell Capital of the World, we should attempt the Guinness World Record for the largest human image of a seashell.
I believe that when others do things … (47 comments)

florida real estate: Cape Coral-No.1 "Boomtown" in U.S. - 12/16/17 07:12 AM

Cape Coral, Florida, has gone from "Bust" to "Boom".
After the housing market crash, Cape Coral was No.1 in U.S. for Foreclosures.
Now Cape Coral, has risen from the dust and according to an annual study done by SmartAsset, is rated No.1 "Boomtown".
What does it take to be rated a "Boomtown"?
1. A large influx of new residents.
    Cape Coral is showing an influx of net migration that is equal to 2.9% of it's population.
2. A growing Economy.
    From 2012 to 2016 the GDP grew 5.2%.
3. Housing Growth
    The housing growth rate was 7.1%
4. Unemployment Rate
    The unemployment rate decreased to 3.5%
Cape Coral … (30 comments)

florida real estate: Lee County Florida Real Estate Market Report - 04/28/16 07:39 PM

A look at the March 2016 Real Estate Report for Lee County Florida will show that Closed Sales dropped from March of 2015. At the same time, Closed sales were up compared to January and February of this year.
In March there were 1,115 Closed Single Family Home Sales. That represents a 13% drop from March 2016, when we saw 1,284 Closed Sales.
We should note that Condos and Townhouses had a much larger drop in Closed Sales with an 18% drop.
Other indicators of importance are:
Median Sales Price  of Single Family was $225,000-up 4.2%
Active Listings were up 8.4%
Monthly Supply of Inventory was up … (6 comments)

florida real estate: Why Buy New Construction Homes? - 03/16/16 06:28 AM

More and more I am having the conversation with Buyers about "Why Buy New Construction Homes"?
In today's market there is low inventory.
This means it is harder for the buyer to find the home with the right location, fit and finish and price.
Existing home prices have risen and are much closer to New Construction prices.
When we understand those two givens we can then look at some Good Reasons why New Construction is Better:
1. You can have peace of mind with all new materials and 
2. You can have a higher quality home.
3. You can build to suit your needs.
4. You can … (8 comments)

florida real estate: First Time Home Buyers Need the Right Lender - 03/08/16 10:14 AM
Working with First Time Home Buyers can be a very interesting process. Since they do not have previous experience in the purchase of a home, I have found they can respond in one of two ways.
1. I do not know what to do so I will rely on you the agent to guide us through the process.
2. I have done a lot of research on the Internet so I won't need much from you the agent.
Both of these approaches can have their down side. As an agent, I must be careful not to make all the decisions for the buyer. And for … (2 comments)

florida real estate: Fun With First Time Home Buyers - 02/16/16 09:30 AM

Today, I had some fun with first time home buyers.
I received a phone call at 8:30AM from a young man who had found a house he was interested in. We talked for a few minutes about the need for a Pre Qualification Letter from his Lender. He said he had one and would email it to me.
I told him I would find out about getting an appointment to see the house. I was able to schedule a viewing at 4PM when his girlfriend was off work.
I received his email later in the day with the attached letter from the Lender. It … (11 comments)

florida real estate: 2015 Year End Market Report for Lee County - 02/11/16 07:48 AM
According to a year-end market report from the Florida Realtors®, the housing market in the state of Florida as a whole was better than 2014 with more closed sales, more new listings and higher median prices.
In Lee County, the number of closed sales for Single Family Homes was up 9.7% to 13,635, compared to 12,427 in 2014. For Condos and Townhomes, sales were up 2.3%.
The Median Sale Price shot up nearly 13% to $213,150 for Single Family Homes.
For Condos and Townhomes, the price rose 7.3% to $179,000
The Statewide Median Price for Single Family Homes was $196,000 up 10.1% from 2014. The … (6 comments)

florida real estate: I Tried to Talk Myself Out of Working This Week - 02/09/16 09:24 AM
The weather has been unseasonably cool here in Florida. We have also had a lot of wind, up to 20mph. 
I had carefully planned my week out in advance and had put it in the calendar. The plan was for a full and busy week. I saw things come across my email that seemed like a good thing to do. Our Realtor Association had a class that I thought would provide helpful information to grow my business. I registered for it and started to change my calendar.
But then I reminded myself that I had established a plan and maybe I should work that … (26 comments)

florida real estate: Before Putting Your House On The Market-Do This - 02/04/16 11:35 PM

5 Important things to do Before Putting Your House on the Market.
1. Have a Pre Sale Home Inspection
    Be proactive by arranging for a pre sale home inspection.
    An Inspector will be able to give you a good indication of
    the trouble areas that will stand out to potential buyers,  
    and you will be able to make needed repairs before the
    house is shown.
2. Organize and Clean  
    Par down clutter and pack up your least used item, such 
    as large blenders and other kitchen tools, out of season 
    clothes, toys, … (10 comments)

florida real estate: The State of Cape Coral-Florida - 02/03/16 08:11 PM
Cape Coral has become an often mentioned city as a great place to live, work and retire. So I want to give you the STATE OF CAPE CORAL.
Cape Coral was one of the hardest hit cities in America when the housing crash occurred. But now the city has rebounded and has become a destination city.
The average age of residents is 43 and in the last 3 years we have seen a 10% population growth.
Here are some highlights about Cape Coral:
Named #3 for Future Job Growth
Top 10 for Coastal Towns to Retire to.
#27 Best Cities to Live in the US.
#2 Safest City … (10 comments)

florida real estate: Lee County May Market Report_Important To Know - 06/23/14 10:54 AM
Lee County's May Market Report-Important To Know
Closed Sales:  1,293
One Year Ago 1,255
% Change           +3.0
Median Sale Price:
Single Family: $195,000
One Year Ago: $176,333
% Change:                +10.6
Active Listings:  5,540
One Year Ago:    5,213
% Change:              +6.3
New Pending Sales:  
Single Family:  1,441
One Year Ago:  1,465
% Change:           -1.6
Months Supply of Inventory:
Single Family:       5.6
One Year Ago        5.3

florida real estate: FROM AMAZING TO-WHAT HAPPENED? - 06/14/14 02:38 AM
Have you ever had a consumer go from amazing to What Happened?
In March of this year I wrote a blog, Amazing Home Sale, that told the story of a client I was working with. They had a home in Ohio that sold in 13 days even though they were in the middle of a terrible winter. This was Amazing, and now they were moving to Florida so every one wondered if we could produce another amazing sale for them.
Now, for the rest of the story. Mr, had already moved to Florida and started work at his new job. He … (16 comments)

florida real estate: WAS I BEATEN BY A MASTER WEAVER? - 06/08/14 07:46 AM
I am still scratching my head as I try to figure out if
I was sitting at the breakfast table with my wife. As we had our breakfast I was looking into the backyard. We have a bush that I had noticed some activity around for a couple of days. It seems that a pair of mockingbirds decided that had found the right piece of real estate on which to build their new home. They were all over the yard looking for and finding the right material for their new home. They would pick … (18 comments)

florida real estate: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAPE CORAL, FL - 06/03/14 10:34 PM
Cape Coral is a town that many people don't know much about.

CAPE CORAL PARKS AND RECREATION: The City maintains 39 facilities including 19 parks with playgrounds, 11 athletic complexes, 5 public boat ramps and
2 public beaches.
Hosted over 4.8 million participants and visitors in FY13. Utilized 9,908 volunteers and 163,317 volunteer hours valued at $3.4 million. Coral Oaks Golf Course has a full Summer Schedule.
From June 1 through September 30, Coral Oaks is offering 2 summer deals: 1. Cape Coral residents can golf for $25 beginning … (20 comments)

florida real estate: MY LIFE WAS CHANGED 45 YEARS AGO TODAY - 05/29/14 11:49 PM

Almost 46 years ago as a young man, I moved to California to teach. It took me one week to find a young lady who stole my heart.
As I was moving to California, my brother and his wife were expecting a baby, so I called daily for an update. I did not have my phone installed, so I had to use a pay phone. At the end of the week I found out that I was an uncle. On the same day my phone was installed. I asked the installer where … (28 comments)

florida real estate: KEEPING AN EYE ON REAL ESTATE MARKET-LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA - 05/24/14 08:19 AM
We are all interested in what is going on in the Real Estate Market across the country. In most cases, Sales Prices are going up and inventory is going down.

After taking a close look at the April statistics for Lee County, we can say for sure that home prices are going up. The Single Family median sale price in April was $200,000. That is a 8.1% increase over a year ago when the median price was $185,000.
Condo median sale price was $170,000 which was up 13.3% over the same time … (14 comments)

florida real estate: HOW MANY DRUMMERS DO YOU MARCH TO? - 05/18/14 12:22 PM

The main purpose of a drummer is timekeeping. Drummers are part of the rhythm section.
All the other members of the group listen for the drummer, including singers, to keep the rhythm.
The question for today is: How many drummers do you follow? The answer is very important in business. Who is setting your rhythm? Or do you even pay attention to the rhythm?
In Real Estate, every day I receive an email for a webinar to show me how to achieve greater success in my business. I receive emails that invite me … (52 comments)


After going over the data for March in Lee County Florida, it is clear that Condo sales and prices are going up.
Closed Sales:
March, 2013          663
March, 2014          702
      5.9% increase 
Median Sale Price:
March, 2013          $140,000
March, 2014          $ 162,000
     15.7% increase
Active Listings:
March, 2013           3,981
March, 2014           3,192
     19.8% decrease
New Pending Sales:
March, … (10 comments)

florida real estate: LOOK AT CAPE CORAL MARKET-LAST 24 HOURS - 05/03/14 12:13 AM
Many people are interested in the Real Estate Market in Cape Coral,Fl. Cape Coral was one of the most affected markets in the US as a result of the "Bubble Burst".
Now we are able to see Cape Coral is making a good recovery and becoming an active Market.
I thought that looking at the activity for the last 24 hours would give us an indication of market movement.
New listings     31
Sold                   18
Pending            40
Price Increase … (19 comments)

florida real estate: OUR TEAM CLOSED A SHORT SALE WITH VA LOAN IN 5 WEEKS - 04/13/14 08:11 AM

Many times as Professionals that deal with Real Estate transactions, we forget that there were others involved in bringing the sale to close.
This was a Short Sale:1. A homeowner came to the point where they could no longer make the payments on their loan. They had not gone into foreclosure by the bank, so asked 2. the bank to take less than the mortgage upon sale of the house. Getting to the point of selling a house that is a short sale can be a very lengthy process, … (13 comments)

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