kansas: Using Kansas Veterans Home Loan Benefits - 01/19/14 02:01 AM
 Are you a veteran in Kansas with VA home loan benefits? Have you ever considered buying your own home in Kansas?   Are you aware of the benefits afforded you due to your service? Many that have served their country don’t know about the benefits due them. The VA home loan benefit is one of those.
The US Government created the VA home loan benefit in 1944 to assist service members returning home from war to be able to purchase homes. VA home loans in Kansas are mortgage loans issued by approved VA lenders such as Veterans United home loans and guaranteed by the … (1 comments)

kansas: Volunteering In The Wichita Community - 06/02/13 03:16 AM
Volunteering in the community here in Wichita Kansas and elsewhere is one of the attributes that helped form this country and make it great. People helping people. In the spirit of barn building when an entire community came together to build one landowners barn at a time.
Only if the community works together by volunteering can we strengthen our core and learn to rely less on Government. There are many volunteer opportunities, find one that fits you!
If you like animals most Humane Societies rely on volunteers to function. I know the Kansas Humane Society in Wichita has thousands of volunteers from the community that keep the … (0 comments)

kansas: Down Development in Wichita Kansas Introduces "Block 1" - 03/29/13 10:16 AM
Downtown Development in Wichita Kansas.

Downtown development in Wichita has taken another giant step forward with the “Block 1” project. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday with 3 buildings complete, including the new Ambassador hotel and it’s parking garage, and two building to go.
 When all is said and done there will be many new places to shop, eat and stay when in Wichita. The Ambassador hotel is an impressive thing. The reasonably priced restaurant is a 5 star affair and a wonderful place to dine. The rooms are fit for a King and the service is impeccable. … (2 comments)

kansas: Sweet HUD Home for Sale Wichita KS N Riverside - 03/19/13 08:08 AM

kansas: 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath HUD in Andover School District - 03/17/13 10:42 AM

kansas: Great HUD Deal Near Pawnee Prairie Park-Wichita Kansas-Goddard Schools - 01/21/13 12:38 PM
This 2 story HUD home on the outskirts of Pawnee Prairie Park is priced right. Not your typical HUD this home is in good shape.
The house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a finished basement, fireplace and much more. The backyard is fully fenced. Total sqaure footage is 1904 so plenty of room! You really gotta see this one!
Offered at 117,500. Contact me for more info and pics.

kansas: Realtor Wichita Kansas - 01/17/13 01:39 PM
Realtor Wichita Kansas-Joel Weihe, Home Search with Realty World Alliance in Wichita, Haysville, Goddard, Park City, Valley Center, Andover and the surrounding areas.
- Specializing in residential Home resale Realty World Wichita Kansas.
- Tour local luxury homes with views in Wichita Kansas.
- Realty World & I Helping dozen's of local families each year find homes.
- Realty World & I Specializing in relocation sellers & buyers in Wichita Kansas.
Realtor experienced and educated in real estate technology with Realty World Alliance. 
Realtor representing Sellers and Buyers all over Wichita Kansas and the surrounding area using the technological advantages … (3 comments)

kansas: South Side 3 Bedroom Wichita Kansas - 01/08/13 12:30 PM

kansas: 4 bedroom 3 Bath Home Close To Wichita Kansas - 01/06/13 09:23 AM
Small town living at it's best yet close enough to work in Wichita Kansas. Sedgwick Kansas is a friendly town not far from Wichita Kansas. A place where neighbors still sit on the front porch and wave to one another. A borrowed cup of sugar is just a few steps away. This place is like a Norman Rockwell painting.
There is lot's of space in this 4 bedroom 3166 square foot HUD home with finished basement! Built in 2006 this house includes a breakfast room with fireplace, open large kitchen, a formal dining room, a master suite with corner tub and  shower … (2 comments)

kansas: Repair Old Windows In Wichita Kansas - 01/05/13 09:44 AM

Repair your old windows in Wichita Kansas and save money. Sometimes replacing windows in your home is a necessity but most of the time those old windows can be repaired.
With age, abuse and lack of proper maintenance windows in Wichita Kansas will become worn and less effective at keeping out the weather. The sashes become cracked and peeling, the glass rattling in the Kansas wind or condensation has begun to appear on the inside of the windows or in between panes on vinyl’s. It's not difficult to repair these problems and save money. They can simply be repaired to save energy, money … (3 comments)

kansas: Recycle Christmas Tree in Wichita Kansas - 12/27/12 12:11 PM
Wondering where you can recycle your Christmas tree in Wichita Kansas this year? Don’t worry, it’s easier than ever as Sedgwick and the surrounding counties have added even more places to make it super convenient.
After all, we certainly don’t want all those old trees in the landfill when we can benefit from all that free mulch. That’s right, FREE mulch. The county will again this year be periodically mulching the trees and the mulch can be had for free! So not only can you recycle your Christmas tree for free in Wichita Kansas but you also can get something for … (2 comments)

kansas: Service After The Sale or Goodwill In The Real Estate Business - 12/23/12 12:49 PM
I have an old win-win goodwill story.
This deal was signed sealed and scheduled for closing. The house was in probate as the previous owner had died and her kids were selling it. A few days before closing we find out the probate lawyer has not done his job and the paperwork hasn’t been before the Judge yet.
First delay. After many phone calls and much finagling we get a new date set. Again that date approaches and the lawyer is not finished. Now we’re five weeks overdue and my clients lease is running out at the end of the month … (14 comments)

kansas: Aren't You Supposed To Sell Me A House? - 12/22/12 01:23 AM
“Aren’t you supposed to try and sell me a house” in Wichita Kansas? I had that question asked of me yesterday not for the first time.
My answer, as usual: No. I’m here to help you find the right home for you in Wichita and then to help you buy it!

The question came up in the basement of a house we were viewing that had bad walls. They were beginning to move inward. We get that on older homes quite a bit on the East side of town in Wichita where the soil is hard clay.  Bracing and fixing … (5 comments)

kansas: Wichita Kansas Botanica Illuminations - 12/21/12 12:10 PM
Illuminations was once again a smashing success this year. The Wichita Botanica gardens put on aspectacular show with a lot of the same decorating projects from last year and some new ones too.The big hit this year, besides Santa for the kids, was a massive synchronized to music light show in thewedding field. Lights were strung out across the ground, up in trees and on posts. The ground lightsmade waves while the others in the trees danced to the timing of the music. It was really something tosee.
Last year Lisel and I had seen the same thing at a private … (0 comments)

kansas: Got Oil Stains? - 12/19/12 06:05 AM
Even in a perfect city like Wichita Kansas cars will still be found that leak oil. Nothing is worse than having someone leave your driveway and you find an ugly unsightly oil stain where they were parked.
 Remove the surface oil by sprinkling some cat litter on the stain to soak up the excess oil. I like to scrub it with a hard bristle push broom. After that clear away the cat litter and focus on the stain. Make a paste of hot water and dry powdered dish or laundry detergent. Use a stiff brush to scrub the area … (3 comments)

kansas: District Advisory Board-DABs in Wichita Kansas - 12/18/12 10:51 AM
District Advisory Boards, or DABs, were created for the community by local Government in Wichita Kansas. DABs are comprised of a City Council member and 11 citizens representing that council members district. Citizens like you and I.
The district advisory board discusses zoning issues, community projects and other issues that affect the lives, homes and property of the districts citizens. They then make recommendations to the council which accepts those recommendations a great majority of the time. They do make a difference. Neighborhood meetings are a place where you can make a difference with the help of your DAB.
It’s not … (2 comments)

kansas: Wrapping Presents For Kids In Wichita Kansas - 12/17/12 12:11 PM
I spent the better part of the afternoon at KFDI, a local radio station, with some members of the Wichita Area Association of Realtors and the Wichita police department wrapping presents for kids that probably wouldn't be getting many otherwise.
Every year the Wichita police department and KFDI have a huge project collecting lot's of toys for needy families in the area. The Wichita Area Association of Realtors and other community organizations collect toys that must be new and still in the package to be distributed.  The police officers actually go throughtheir neighborhoods talking to the people to find the families … (0 comments)

kansas: Get Pre Approved in Wichita Kansas - 12/13/12 11:03 PM
Getting pre approved by a lender or a bank before looking for a home in Wichita Kansas just makes sense. A pre approval from a mortgage lender takes the guesswork out of shopping for a house by letting you and your realtor know how much you qualify for.
Most sellers want proof that you can get a loan to buy their house before they’ll go into a contract with you. While working through a contract towards closing a home is off the market. If it turns out the buyer can’t get financing that’s wasted time and money for the seller when … (1 comments)

kansas: 5 Acres of Country Living At It's Finest Right Outside Wichita Kansas - 12/13/12 12:42 PM

kansas: Lucindas-Shopping Fun in Wichita Kansas - 12/11/12 01:48 PM
Shopping at Lucinda's in Wichita Kansas is nothing but fun!
Seems everyone loves Lucinda's and what’s not to love. It's full of quirky designer fashions, interesting knick knacs, custom and unquie jewelry and a bunch of completely useless but fun stuff. Loicated right in the center of Old Town Wichita Kansas with many other night clubs, bars, restaruants and speiacilty shops Lucinda's stands out as one of the most popular places to shop.
Whenever I want to go downtown I just ask her, “ya Wanna  go to Lucinda's” and we're on our way!
It’s open late and fun to stroll through … (2 comments)

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