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William J Archambault Jr sharing 4 decades of lending and real estate experience. Through books and services of REII. Bill writes about and teaches real estate investment, real estate, lending, borrowing, credit, and sales. Bill is available as a speaker, trainer, hands on coach, or remote consultant.



I'll be there! I recommend every one listen! BillEmergency State of the Union - Live Q & A With NAMB President Jim Pair This is a FREE Live Webinar. Please re-blog this article to your sphere.   The National Association of Mortgage Brokers is the voice of the mortgage broker industry, representin...
Understanding Stubborn Banks! Stubborn Banks are accepting short sale offers yet often only throwing a $3,000 to $5,000 bone to the secondary lender, citing it's there policy. This of course often kills a short sales, when the secondary lender refuses to take less than $5,000 or what ever citing ...
Irony: The Incongruities between what we hear and what is. IE: Having put in the time is not the same as experience. Having a license is not the same as experience. Having gotten away with something even repeatedly does not make it legal. Agreeing with the masses doesn't make any of you right. Kn...
There is hope! I've been very discouraged reading about REALTORS® demanding extension of the $8,000.00 tax credit for purchasers of selected homes to the determent of individual home sellers! Driving down the value your home! Worse, the NAR is demanding the credit be nearly doubled! There is hope...
"Has man any right to exist if he refuses to serve society?" *  "Has man any right to exist if he refuses to serve society?" * "Has man any right to exist if he refuses to serve society?... Self sacrifice is the law of our age!" * Does anyone believe this except those that think they're entitled ...
ISM ISm Ism ism An Old Lesson  ‘ism" is that little suffix that turns a good word into fanaticism. "Ism" is that little suffix that turns a noble idea into evil! "Ism" is that little suffix that turns non-thinkers and haters into lemmings! "Ism" is that little suffix that replaces logic with dogm...
I've never tried re-blogging, here is a good cause! I've been going back and forth with Maggie's father for three years this month. This is a quite kid from a good family. We all get hit up for school projects, we all go after "POINTS" so lets help Maggie win double points! Maybe if we can get he...
Do you remember? Bunker Hill, The USS Chesapeake, The Alamo, Remember the Main, The Lusitania, The Reuben James, Pearl Harbor, The USS Maddox, The World Trade Center, Strasbourg Bunker Hill, British troops attacked American Colonists. Result: The Revolution.                The USS Chesapeake Brit...
Do you criticize or educate when dealing with others? Do you negociate or submit offers when you get them? Do you  act like a real estate professional or a professional prevaricator? Do you criticize or educate? I got involved in real estate education in 1973 because my broker didn't approve of m...
 Woodyatake woodyapay is not about "Short Sales." This is about the most stupid question in real estate! "Woodyatake?" Woodyatake, $147,500.00? Woodya? Woodya? "I said would you take $147,500.00?" "NO! I'm asking $163,000.00, not a dollar less!" The would be buyer is stupid and the seller isn't m...

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