bigots: PC Politically Correct Or Permanently Closed Minded - 02/05/14 12:11 AM

bigots: Misidentification / Have Nots / Undeserving - 08/02/08 07:41 AM
Our on going national disgrace, disgraces (?) Disgraci, what ever, has us turning on each other. After nearly thirty years of hate mongering by politicians perhaps it's to be excepted that we can no longer identify with our fellow man. What bothers me is that other wise good people, good real estate people, good mortgage people are mislabeling other good people for political convenience!
It bothers me that so many have lumped the "have nots" with the "undesiring!" I can't define "undesiring" although I often think I know them when I see them. What I can define are the "have nots." … (24 comments)

bigots: Arrogant Bigots - 05/16/07 11:53 AM
I started to answer a comment on one of my bloggs, and as so often happens when I'm commenting I got a little carried away. I posted the comment, but the more I looked at it the more I wanted everyone to see it, so after a short edit here it is.
Those that blame mortgage brokers for those nasty sub-prime loans forget that Borrowers received a "Good Faith Estimate" and "Truth in Lending" form when they applied for a loan or within 3 days there of! When a mortgage broker, submits a file to a wholesaler they will also send the … (39 comments)

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