pc: PC Politically Correct Or Permanently Closed Minded - 02/05/14 12:11 AM

pc: What Is Your Home Worth? Do You Care? - 09/10/11 07:29 AM
What Is Your Home Worth? Do You Care?
Home owners, what is your home worth? Do you care? Why? There are only two times when the dollar value matters! The day you purchase it and the day you sell it! (Three times if you refinance.)
How do you value it between those times?
Do you appraise it?
Or do you evaluate all that it provides?
How do you value it? What’s important to you dollars or intrinsic value? Cash or function?
Do you appraise it? Appraisers assign a comparative dollar value to houses not homes … (17 comments)

pc: If A Tree Falls - 10/08/08 04:36 AM
If a tree falls in the forest
and no one hears it
did it make a sound?
If you post a blog
and no one reads it
did you express yourself?
If 50 will get you 200
and 1 get you 25
did you improve your self?
If written babble equates
with contemplative thought
does it really matter?
If you sincerely believe
if you truly care
if you have something to say
do you share?
If you blog for the masses
if you regurgitate the PC
do you matter?

pc: A Serious Question - 05/16/08 04:09 PM
A new friend writes:  "How many people walked away from the homes in which they only had $500, $2,500, or $5,000 as down payment? But that's all they lost. And how many people lost their $40K, $60K and $100K?"
My reply deserves it's own post.
It's not the amount of the dollars that are invested that is important or the percentage of Loan to Value, LTV, Leverage. The concept is the same regardless! They, the home buyer, solicited and accepted a loan, they agreed to make 360 payments over the next thirty years. They anticipated both appreciation and amortization to accrue … (10 comments)

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