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In the past month, several contractors and architects have told me that their remodeling projects are on the rise and, actually, are on a higher level than in the heady days of real estate before the recession. Who's engaging all this work?  Two markets: home owners who have decided to stay put f...
Each housing pundit has a different take on how the real estate market will fare in 2011.  Here is a selected compilation of the different forecasts. You can take your pick, negative or positive. As for me, I'll take the latter, but check in with me again at the end of December, 2011! The Crystal...
Who among us has not been tempted at one time or another to take one of those personality tests that grace the pages of our magazines, tabloids and web servers?  They're hard to resist, aren't they?  Some are surprising in sizing up who we are. I was astounded just the other day with the accuracy...
Given the state of the economy, are we all cocooning more at home? By cocoon, I'm not referring to the kind from outer space depicted in the movie of that name, but rather to the lifestyles trend of our staying more at home for both work and pleasure, avoiding going out to spend more money. The t...
Recently I attended a real estate motivational seminar where the speaker advised us how best to answer the question we seem to get most frequently. That is, "So how's the real estate market now?"  We were advised, instead of saying "Gr-r-reat," as some do, to answer simply, "Well, that depends," ...

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