landscaping: Tree Lover Tells When and If to Plant (and Gripes a Little) - 09/15/16 05:28 AM
This article might well be titled “The Joys and Agonies of Being a Tree Lover.”
The subject of planting trees comes to me each year as we enter into early fall because it is the perfect time to plant both deciduous and evergreen trees as they enter into dormancy. And, lord knows, I have done my share of planting trees through the years, even though I bought a property that was more than half wooded.
The idea of planting small, manageable green things and watching them develop over a period of time into sculptures of beauty reaching to the skies in graceful … (0 comments)

landscaping: Joy and Labor of Water on Landlocked Property - 07/10/16 08:01 AM
For those of us who are not lucky enough to have a home on a lake or pond, or one with a river view, there are other ways to enjoy the soothing effects of water, even if we’re landlocked.
It could be as simple as a classic fountain which I’ve enjoyed for many years on my back patio, spewing water from a pump into an upper basin, overflowing into a lower pan with a wonderful splashing sound that dampens occasional noise from the street. Our second opportunity for the sound of water presented itself when we installed an in-ground pool and designed … (0 comments)

landscaping: Saying Goodbye to a Much Loved Friend: A Tree - 06/19/11 02:08 PM
Only recently did my town, the last holdout in my county, enact a tree ordinance into its code that protects against private destruction of trees like the unbridled actions of a certain utility company that likes to keep their lines free from falling branches. But there are those among us who will do anything to save trees when we can.
After years of watching an old stately, green friend grow adjacent to the patio in my back yard, its shielding us as an umbrella from the bright sunlight and absorbing pollutants from the air, it was sad to see it first get attacked by a thrip disease, … (2 comments)

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