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You know, as important as it is for us to close deals/sales/transactions, I think that is equally important to our business for us to celebrate the contacts that we make, especially for new realtors. After what I thought was an abysmal year, in which I developed many contacts with potential clien...
I just came across this blog Are Agents Driving Prices Down? My Contrary Indicator tonight and I am wondering when we will actually reverse the downward spiral in prices. Sounds like someone somewhere is going to take that gamble in the near future, and that gamble is gonna pay off big for them i...
Ever since I started blogging, I have discovered a number of techniques and strategies that I can possible use to increase my business as a realtor. Some of the strategies call for some sort of investment on my part, which is understandable - in order to make money, you must first spend money. So...
I started out in this business a year and a half ago not really knowing what to expect or how much time it would take for me to achieve what I actually wanted. Furthermore, since I was stuck in the "part time" mentality, I limited what I wanted to make in this business based on what were, at that...
I had began the process of building a website of my own for my real estate business a few days ago, right before I first started blogging, and I quickly discovered that there were so many options for me to choose from that I found it simply overwhelming. It would be easy to use an old cliche "the...
It was something that our coach Ralph said to me yesterday that I have had flipping in my mind ever since he said it.  I have been a real estate agent now for a year and a half, and I had always figured that beacuse I wasn't a "full time" agent, that it meant that I could not achieve the level of...
First thing, let me be perfectly clear: I understand that there are people who buy real estate to make money from it. That's not my issue. I also understand and accept that people will buy property in hopes of making a profit from it when they sell it. Again, that's not my issue. So what is my is...
I have been searching for some sort of rhyme or reason to this whole blogging thing, and I have to confess that I am, at this point, clueless. Is this supposed to be the new telephone? I mean, are we now using blogging as a means of communicating, or is it another medium for venting our fustratio...
For Buyers of all types, whether they be individuals/families looking to buy their first home, or investors looking to capitalize on the drop in multi-family home prices, there are still places that are humming with activity. Now that interest rates for mortgages have hit a 40 year low, and there...

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