real estate agent: The Road To Experience... - 11/04/09 03:46 AM
The Road to Experience…

I wonder how many of us realize that our experiences did not come from sitting in class after class of useful but otherwise mindless tedium. I say that tongue in cheek, of course, because we all know that experience doesn't come from listening so much as it comes from doing. As the old adage says, experience is the best teacher...
There is wisdom to be gained from making mistakes. Do I sound cliché’? The truth of the matter is, without having messed up somewhere along the way, how would we have known that what … (49 comments)

real estate agent: Celebrating the Small Steps, Part 6.... - 05/20/09 05:37 AM
 Every time I write this saga, I am reminded that indeed that it is not the end result that is the most important, but the many little things that I have done to get there.
Thanks to an excellent post by a fellow Rainer, Tim White, I sent a mailer to several expireds and fsbo's in my area. I packed the mailer with information that both parties could use, and a keychain to entice the prospects to open the letter. I mailed them out on Saturday.
Tuesday afternoon, as I was checking my voicemail, I had received a call on Monday … (5 comments)

real estate agent: Matthew 5:16 on 5/16/2009 - 05/16/09 12:06 PM
What do people see when they look at you?
Do they see a person of integrity, who is guided by principles of right and wrong?
Do they see a person whose passion is helping people?
Or do they see a person whose sole objective is their own gain and profit, whose outward appearance disguises ulterior motives?
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

real estate agent: Are You Worthy of Respect??? - 05/14/09 10:47 AM
It seems as if there is a need for a few lessons to be taught here in the Rain. 
After reading The Lovely Wife's latest post, I had to go back to Lenn Harley's post on the need to qualify buyers -and there, to my amazement, I found some of the rudest, most obnoxious comments I have ever had the unpleasure of reading.
Then, of course, Lenn writes a scathing rebuke of the most onerous offender in How To Get Your Comment Deleted on Lenn's Blog. Hijack My Blog. Very classy and well deserved, and done in a very respectful manner, I might … (5 comments)

real estate agent: It's All Adding Up... - 04/30/09 11:03 AM
40,000 points by the end of April was my goal, and I did it.
Let's see...I had made 20,000 points on March 24. That was exactly 63 days after I became active in the Rain.
So, it took me 37 days to double that...hmmm...
One of the benefits that I've discovered is that while I may have been focused on the points, I am now more so on the content of my posts, and the audience I am attempting to reach. That, more than the points accumulation, is what I am truly after -
Becoming a better blogger
Becoming a more diverse blogger
Becoming … (7 comments)

real estate agent: Celebrating the Small Steps, Part 5.... - 04/27/09 04:50 AM
I haven't written one of these for a while - only because I have been rather busy pursuing other avenues of generating business for myself.
However, I have to say that the steps that I've already taken have led to some very positive outcomes - well after the fact.
Back in October, I ran into one of the teachers at my neice and nephew's school at a tag sale. Her sister was with her that day. After we chatted about the available merchandise, I glibly asked if either one of them was looking to buy a house, and the sister mentioned that … (3 comments)

real estate agent: Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being A "Part Time" Agent - 04/24/09 06:51 PM
 Although I don't use the term "part-time" to describe myself as a realtor, there certainly are perks to doing this and another job at the same time. Of course, that all depends on what type of job you have besides real estate. A colleague of mine at the school I teach at has a wife who is a realtor - who also does bookkeeping for the local grocery store. Without that bookkeeping job (which she does part-time), things would have been really tight for them. That's not to say that things aren't tight for me as well, but I have certain advantages … (8 comments)

real estate agent: Hey! Blogging is Not A Leisure Activity!!! - 04/21/09 12:55 PM
Yes, this is a rant! And it is a rant with a purpose, not just to get something off of my chest! While rants like those are certainly cathartic, they don't do much for anyone else but the ranter - unless, of course, someone else is having or had similar experiences that the ranter is ranting about...did I just use the word rant over five times in that last sentence?
Anyway....I woke up this morning to go to work and my wife got up and after explaining to her why I had went to the office last night, and my sister's boyfriend's … (11 comments)

real estate agent: Up and Running.... - 03/24/09 01:08 AM
I had made several decisions regarding my internet presence back in mid January that are just now coming to fruition.
I am happy to report that my Growth Leader website, is up and running, with the idx feed fully in place. When I had signed up for Growth Leader, I was somewhat behind the 8-ball in knowing that I had a website associated the service. The only thing I have to figure out is how to set up the listings search and CMA report without having to enter my mls separately (or maybe that's the wrong question to ask?).
I … (5 comments)

real estate agent: Making Your Blogs Count... - 03/18/09 04:51 AM
I recently read Jon Zolsky's blog How To Decipher AR Statistics and it got me wondering: how did Missy write all of those blogs?
As Jon pointed out, just sitting down and writing is not enough to attract subscribers and get comments made to your posts. There has to be substance of quality in your blogs in order for people to want to comment on it, and there definitely has to be enough information in them for people to want to subscribe to your blog.
Which again had me wondering: how did Missy write all of those blogs?
I took a stop … (5 comments)

real estate agent: Celebrating the Small Steps, Part 4.... - 03/17/09 04:25 AM
Well, it seems that I had another excellent weekend.
I took the advice of some seasoned realtors who visited my blog post The Luckiest Agents in the World, and took my wife out on a date Friday for some alone time, without the kids. She even let me visit the computer center in the hotel while she was doing her hair! So, I was able to follow up on some prospects and enjoy the rest of my weekend.
Which, of course, ended on Sunday, as I had an open house scheduled in the afternoon. It wasn't my first open house, but … (2 comments)

real estate agent: Striking the Balance...... - 03/11/09 02:15 AM
I recently received a request from another agent who finds themselves in the same boat as I am in -working a day job while being a Realtor.
I have posted some of my thoughts on how that situation is perceived by some as being a difficult thing to do, and I have responded to the many comments both congratulating me on my efforts and those that slammed me for not being totally available for my clients (which, of course, is untrue).
I will say that the type of job that I have is one that is conducive to being a real … (11 comments)

real estate agent: No Such Thing As A "Part Time" Agent... - 03/09/09 02:58 PM
I know I'm going to get into some trouble for this, but here it is:
I had written Getting Rid of "Full Time/Part Time" Labels.... back in January as a reflective piece on how I was not going to allow the label of part time to hinder my success as a real estate agent.
Today, I went into my local realtor board's office to make payment on my dues and got a whole new perspective on the subject.
I was, of course, talking up AR with Anne, the member services person and had mentioned my post on the topic of part-timers, as I … (11 comments)

real estate agent: Using Century 21 Access America in the 21st Century - 03/07/09 04:28 PM
Now, I hope that I don't cross any lines here - but I figured, hey, if I'm going to start a group, the least that I can do is talk it up. After all, I made the decision to become a Century 21 Access America agent, and, no offense to all of you other excellent realtors out there  - we are simply the best. Why? Because, as our slogan says, WE KNOW OUR BUSINESS!
Especially in this day and age, Century 21 has maintained its status as the most recognized brand of real estate in the world. Not just in … (0 comments)

real estate agent: My Market Leader Experience - Week 1 and Counting... - 03/06/09 03:33 PM
Well, I thought that I was going to wait a month before I gave you all an update on my experiences with Growth Leader.
Well, it's been a week and boy, let me tell you, I don't think I've been busier.
Of course, waiting for buyers who are uncommitted at this point to making a move is my greatest frustration, but so far I have 6 buyer leads and 5 seller leads. One of the seller leads  was just looking for info to refi his house, so that one is gone from GL, but I kept him in my MLS database, so … (4 comments)

real estate agent: Outside of the Box... - 03/02/09 03:17 AM
What truly amazes me is the total depth and breath of the wealth of information that can be gleaned here on AR.
As many of us as there are, you would think that we could all share info, get referrals, and expand our customer databases without using this forum solely as a marketing tool for our listings, or to troll for buyers.
Yet I have found that many agents have not yet gotten outside of the box when it comes to AR.
To date, I have yet to post any of my listings on AR. Even if I had 100 listings, … (6 comments)

real estate agent: Are You Happy With Your Broker? - 02/27/09 11:32 AM
At first, I thought about adding a little something to the title to take the edge off.
At first glance, it sounds like I am about to commit one of the cardinal sins of blogging on AR. After all, I know that my broker doesn't read this - he's too busy making deals, etc.
This is one of the many times that I wish he would read the blogs. Why?
Trust me, I hate sycophants, suck-ups, apple-polishers, butt-kissers, etc. WITH A PASSION. Never been one, never will be.
Nor have I EVER been anyone's "yes" man, going along with things for … (4 comments)

real estate agent: The Best Path for New Agents??? - 01/18/09 11:17 AM
Ever since I started blogging, I have discovered a number of techniques and strategies that I can possible use to increase my business as a realtor. Some of the strategies call for some sort of investment on my part, which is understandable - in order to make money, you must first spend money.
So what's the problem?
Besides having to come up with the cash necessary for implementing all of these new ideas out of pocket (before I even close one transaction), there is the old wisdom that keeps popping up: call expireds and fsbos to get listings.
Is there a … (7 comments)

real estate agent: Shooting for the Stars?!?!? - 01/16/09 01:45 AM
I started out in this business a year and a half ago not really knowing what to expect or how much time it would take for me to achieve what I actually wanted. Furthermore, since I was stuck in the "part time" mentality, I limited what I wanted to make in this business based on what were, at that time, my personal financial needs and what I thought were the limitations on my time.
Of course, I had to find out after having a disastrous year in 2008 (no closings whatsoever, but plenty of contacts made, so I guess I shouldn't be … (1 comments)

real estate agent: So Many Choices..How Do You Choose? - 01/15/09 03:01 AM
I had began the process of building a website of my own for my real estate business a few days ago, right before I first started blogging, and I quickly discovered that there were so many options for me to choose from that I found it simply overwhelming.
It would be easy to use an old cliche "the best bang for the buck" to guide my decision on which website hosting service to use, but with as many things as I want to do, and from some of the many great things that I have seen being used by the ActiveRain community, I … (1 comments)

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