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  Your ActiveRain profile is the super power you never knew you had. Honestly. The potential you have in using your profile as a beacon of publicity is wild. It's a mystery that more people don't take advantage of this FREE feature. Take Jason Crouch for example, his profile has been viewed more ...
Technology is our friend. Technology is our friend. Technology is our friend. It seems as though no matter how many times we say it, people still find it difficult to assimilate comfortably with technology and to be more accurate, blogging. I can’t blame people, everyone has their own reason to o...
It's early, we can still consider 2011 a newborn and the terrible twos are months away. In terms of Social Media, that gives all of us plenty of time to strategize, dedicating ourselves to what we find valuable. We at ActiveRain had an opportunity to pick the brain of analyst, Jade Sepolen who wo...
Passive Rainer. That’s usually what I call any user that’s still on the blog bench. Learning how to blog on your own can admittedly be time consuming and downright discouraging, but you don’t have to learn on your own.   We’ve spent quite a bit of time dissecting Google and identifying what works...
VIA Jonathan Washburn  One of the things that I get most excited about in my job is when one of our team members executes on one of their ideas to make our company better. Will Curry has done just that with the creation of the ActiveRain Vlog! Today he talked with some of our coworkers about the ...
It was such a pleasure this past weekend to rub elbows with some Zillow stars. Brad Anderson (formally staff with ActiveRain) wrote this post recently. Happy Holidays!We just returned home from Seattle, WA where my wife and I spent 3 days and two nights at the Hotel 1000, a spectacular retro/mode...
  RainMaker as an Active PhilosophyYou are influential. Everyone is influential.Think about that statement. Let it reel in your mind for a moment. Steep yourself in your personal culture. For good, bad, or worse, you are influential. You wake up in the morning and check your smartphone for fires ...
  Focus Rally America So, if you haven't already heard my girlfriend and I are currently finalists for this web reality series called Focus Rally America. Coming from the producers that created the hit show 'The Amazing Race', viewers should be in store for quite an amazing journey. From what we'...
  Focus Rally America   Friends- Ford is teaming up with the creators of The Amazing Race to create a new web series -- Focus Rally America. Basically, it's the ultimate interactive cross-country road trip. Seeing as my girlfriend and I are both reality TV and social media junkies, we decided thr...
The impression you make with potential listing clients has always been important - and in this market, it is vital. When you mail a prospecting letter it may be the only impression your prospect has of you before making a decision. So...Your letters need to convey the message that you are the top...

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