broward home inspection: RE Agent, RE Companies and Seller Named In Chinese Drywall Civil Case - 08/18/09 07:47 AM
Broward County, Florida
Well, it's official.  Documents filed in Broward County Court last June named the Seller, Selling Agent and both RE companies regarding the infamous Chinese Drywall.
Chinese drywall has made its way in to the headlines, predominately from attorneys jumping on the class action band wagon. Very little has been mentioned regarding official positions on the matter from the State of Florida or any federal agency other than the stuff is "bad."
Until recently, the allegations and filings had been confined to builders, contractors, material brokers and manufacturing facilities.  Documents filed in Broward County, Florida name the other individuals and excluded … (0 comments)

broward home inspection: Insurance Inspections/FHA Requirements And Your Transaction - 06/16/09 07:02 AM
We all know that when buying a home, finding funding and binding a homeowner policy is a part of the transaction process. But what many RE agents don't know is that attempting to do so could blow your deal.
FHA conditions reports and insurance underwriting guidelines have changed dramatically since the storm seasons of 2004-2005. And conditions of property are of great concern to lenders and the insurance industry.  Why?  Defects and poor conditions = greater risk.
Mass devastation and record setting insurance claims due to subsequent damage from the previous storm seasons has forced HUD and insurance carriers writing policies in … (0 comments)

broward home inspection: Chinese Drywall: What A Stinking Mess - 03/31/09 04:23 AM
Chinese Drywall: What A Stinking Mess
Author: David B. Manley, President, Gold Coast Inspections, Coral Springs, Florida (954)753-3755
Homeowners are worried about whether their home is contaminated with Chinese drywall.  After hundreds of complaints, state and federal agencies have narrowed the problems associated with the stench of rotten eggs and component failures within homes across the country.
Chinese drywall, originally thought to have been imported between 2004-2007 and used in the construction of homes within a handfull of states, now has been identified to have been imported as early as 2002 and potentially used in over 100,000 homes in 41 states … (6 comments)

broward home inspection: Are You Ready To Inspect? - 06/04/08 08:34 AM
Our company has been providing inspection services for South Florida since 2002.  With over 3600 inspections performed, I though I would touch on how to prepare for an inspection.
Typically, I wouldn't write such a remedial article but over the last few months we've become a bit frustrated with some agents that just can't seem to get it together.
Inspection Ready 101
1. Scheduling - be flexible.  The inspection takes the coordination of many people, so if the seller has a restricted schedule, it will be very difficult to execute the inspection.  Contracts stipulate an inspection period and the home needs to be … (0 comments)

broward home inspection: Florida Hurricane Grant Program Near End - 05/22/08 03:35 AM

broward home inspection: 7 Points To Ponder When Your Client Is Buying A Foreclosure - 05/10/08 10:19 AM
Foreclosures...Ther're a significant portion of our business in today's market.  But for most agents, this process is way outside the norm.  This type of transaction will be more tedious than the "old" days and you may want to fasten your seat belt.
So, I've put together some things to consider when your client insists on looking at this type of property.
1.  What does the client really want when they say foreclosure?  Most buyers say it, but what it really means is a deal.  Whether is bank owned, or REO, shortsale.  What they want is a very well-priced home, maximizing bang … (3 comments)

broward home inspection: Insurance Inspection Could Save Your Deal - 03/31/08 03:32 AM
With lenders tightening the screws on qualifiers for buyers, there may be an answer for squeezing a few more dollars out for your clients.
Current legislation requires insurance carriers writing windstorm coverage in Florida to offer rate reductions, discounts or credits for certain building characteristics that lend in minimizing risk and/or damage due to windstorm activity (hurricanes and tropical storms).  In fact, these discounts can range up to 56% OFF of the windstorm premium!
This inspection, Windstorm Mitigation Verification, is a simple 20 minute verification that can be provided by some inspectors.  The key to the discounts is to provide this documentation to … (0 comments)

broward home inspection: Buyer Beware: Bank Owned Properties - 03/27/08 06:54 AM
As you all are aware, the tides have changed in the real estate market.  Here in South Florida, as many markets, distressed property inventories are at an all-time high.  With the term "distressed" typically equating to a lower price point, it is natural for buyers to gravitate to these particular listings.
As an experienced residential inspector, providing over 3600 inspections, it is imperative that the buyer be very cautious when considering a short sale or bank owned property.  There has never been a time where a home inspection is more warranted.
First, we need to consider the term "distressed."  Typically the properties condition is going to reflect … (0 comments)

broward home inspection: Gold Coast Inspections Launches Citizens Wind Inspections Website - 01/16/08 07:07 AM
coral springs, fl
 Gold Coast Inspections of Coral Springs announced Friday, the launch of  The site, specifically designed to assist South Florida homeowners navigate the inspection needs of the insurance industry.
With Florida legislation requiring insurance carriers to offer discounts, credits and rate reductions for construction features that lend in reducing damage or loss due to wind storm activity, this site explains the criteria included in the inspection and the verification process.  In addition, the site defines Four Point Inspections, their criteria and purpose.
"Due to the inconsistent performance by unqualified inspectors, South Florida insurance agents were looking for a one call or … (0 comments)

broward home inspection: What Rold Should An Agent Play In The Inspection - 01/16/08 06:41 AM
You could ask ten brokers this question and all would sound in unison, "As little as possible."  Point the client to the shelf of tri-fold brochures and let them have at it.  Sound familiar, right?
Well, I tend to disagree.  Not because I own and operate an inspection firm, rather I feel the agent needs to play a larger role.  We can all agree that the inspection is part of the real estate transaction, with over 85% of all transactions containing an inspection.
Where agents tend to get in trouble is when they over-extend themselves.  By this I mean, "This is the inspector … (1 comments)


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