real estate training: Put Your Game Face On! - 02/12/10 09:34 AM
It's time for the Olympics in Vancouver.  For the past two decades, I've been fascinated by the high level of performance that athletes exhibit under the greatest stress imaginable.  Those that conquer it are called "mentally tough."  Those that don't ... are herein known as "chokers."
Over a decade ago, I had the opportunity to be the Sr. Vice President of LGE Performance Systems (now the Human Performance Institute) in Orlando, Florida, where athletes like Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Jim Harbaugh, Ernie Els and Olympic speedskater Dan Jansen went to train for mental toughness.
One of the techniques that sport psychology … (1 comments)

real estate training: Why Realtors and Professional Athletes Have A Lot In Common - 01/11/10 05:04 AM
For the past twenty years, I've been in sales.  But probably the most eye-opening realization I had toward my occupation was in a four year position working with professional athletes.  I was Sr. Vice President of LGE Performance Systems in Orlando, Florida (a sport and executive training organization) and our client list was a who's who in sport:  Pete Sampras and Monica Seles in tennis, Ernie Els and Nick Faldo in golf, hockey players Mike Richter and Eric Lindros, NBA and NFL all-stars, Olympic speed-skater Dan Jansen ... and on and on.
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real estate training: Get Your Swagger Back! - 01/08/10 01:27 PM
In a previous blog, we talked about the "monkey traps" we all get into ... in thought and in habits.  Well, once we breakthrough those barriers, it's time to get on a "winning streak."  And, there's no better time in real estate than NOW!
Our  work with sales professionals, executives and employees plus our experience with sports teams at the high-school, university and professional levels has indicated that there are common traits for all people who are on a "winning streak."  The idea is to incorporate these traits into yourself and your teams to quickly achieve the performance levels you need.

real estate training: Are You In A "Monkey Trap?" - 01/07/10 04:04 AM
Most real estate professionals are excited about starting the New Year and leaving 2009 behind.  However, if you don’t get out of last years’ “monkey traps,” you won’t have the chance to reach what’s truly possible.
So, what’s a monkey trap?
In Southeast Asia, monkeys are a nuisance to be trapped and moved farther out from the cities because they cause too much destruction. The natives have concocted a rather ingenious way of capturing them, according to author Robert Persig. The monkeys love rice, which the natives cleverly use as bait placed in a hollowed out coconut.
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