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Young Rockers putting on encore Charity performance - The band, The Fairgrounds, consists of four young rock and rollers form Littleton and Centennial Colorado. One year ago this week they performed there very first concert, a charity benefit for an orphanage in Ghana. They raised over $1000.00 f...
December 2011 31 Day Challenge Day 28- I met with another agent that has been inactive for the past two years. We offer a program for agents that have a full time job (part time agents) the option to partner with one of our full time agents so they can stay abreast of the world of real estate and...
December 2011 31 Day Challenge Day 23- December 23rd, I met a lender I connected with on Linkedin and a Title rep that he has known for a long time for lunch. We brainstormed on ideas to help each of us improve our business for the coming year and came up with some great ideas. I am always amazed...
December 2011 31 Day Challenge- December 21st & 22nd, yesterday I received an email connection from a good friend of mine, ( I had written a blog about his company a few days ago and it sparked him to think of someone he could send my way) . James is a raving fan of mine, and I am a Raving Fan of...
Looking for a great, unique and timely gift this holiday season- Check this out www.zacalife.com I met the owners of this unique product a little over a year ago while taking a class for business owners, when James (one of the Patch brothers) told what his business was I was dumbfounded- He said ...
December 31 Day Challenge - Yesterday, December 11th was a good day to recover and watch some football. Our annual Christmas party the night before is an all day affair and Sunday was to be our day of rest, then I took this crazy challenge and realized I needed to make an effort every day. Being ...
Day 9 & 10 December 2011 Challenge- December 9th and 10 were very productive days to meet the challenge, we have had a listing under contract and walking on egg shells to get to the closing table for a few weeks now, at 2:00 PM on Friday the 9th we get a call from the lender that all is set to cl...
I came home from my mens group this morning and my 16 year old son was playing Imagine on the piano, wearing his John Lennon "Give Peace a Chance" T-shirt, he was very sad. He is a musician and performs in a rock band that has played 11 concerts this year and has been incredibly inspired by all o...
Fox Acres- One of Colorado's Hidden Golf Gems- About an hour drive northwest of Ft. Collins is one of my favorite summer getaways, Red Feather Lakes a prime camping hot spot for northern Coloradoans for decades, and as popular as Red Feather Lakes is to many of its regular visitors, very few are ...

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