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Good sales people do not always make good managers and vice versa- over the years I have met many managers, I have also met many more salespeople, it seems that many in the executive world have a tendency to reward good salespeople by "promoting" them to management. I have to disagree with this. ...
What constitutes a Golf Community? Apparently this is not as clear as one would think, at least based on agents marketing. I regularly write about and research golf properties and I am amazed at the number of agents that promote a listing as being in a "golf community" just because they are withi...
Big Bills New York Pizza 9/11 A Day of Giving - Big Bills New York Pizza has long been a favorite spot for families in Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree and Littleton and on 9/11 with a New York name you better believe it is something special. Owner Bill Ficke has a heart as big as his large...
Alphabet Soup - Jane Doe - ABC, XYZ, LMNOP, WTF, WIIFM, LOL! - I am sure you have seen the agent that has plenty of initials after their name in every piece of marketing they send out. Ever wonder how much of the general public cares about all of these extra initials? I doubt they care at all, mo...
Do you dance to your clients music...or do you write the music that attracts the type of clients you prefer to work with? Years ago I owned a sporting goods franchise and as part of our training prior to opening the store we were told by a national sales manager to "learn to dance to the customer...

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