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Government Is Not A Business-Too Bad It's Not More BusinesslikeIf this report is correct, you have to wonder about the competence of the managers of some federal agencies.         With all the talk about federal deficits, running out of money, and the potential for the collapse of our economic sy...
Surprise Ending    Don't think everyone who smiles at you will look out for your interests above their own. That is unless you are talking about a licensed Realtor®. The Realtors® Code of Ethics, in addition to the Listing Agreement for Sellers, and the Buyers Representation Agreement for Buyers,...
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How'd You Like a Nice Cold One?In most parts of the country we're either too hot or too cold for about half the year. This year, as we come to the end of July, is no exception.The beer marketers have been making upbeat, fun commercials about their products for years. Here's one from "back in the ...
Complaints Addressed:Head On Whether you work in an office, warehouse, or store: whether you are in sales, production or management , you run into a complaint from time-to-time. See how this leader handles the situation. This was one of the opening acts in our office meeting today. This is funny ...
Gated Communities in San Antonio-Part 2 A few days ago, I wrote about gated communities, "San Antonio's Gated Communities: Secure But It's Not Fort Knox." That post discussed a bit of the history of gated communities, as well as the security issues associated with gated communities. There are a f...
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I cannot remember what this animal is called. It has racoon, monkey and opossum type qualities. This was near one of the resorts near Cancun. If you know what it's called, please let me know. PREVIOUS POSTS San Antonio's Gated Communities:Secure But It's Not Fort KnoxSan Antonio's Alamo Quarry M...
San Antonio's Gated Communities:Secure But It's Not Fort Knox   In days of old, some lived within the walls of a community to have a degree of safety from the lawless scoundrels who roamed far and wide seeking to plunder the possessions and lives of those who lived within the walls. The enclosure...

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